E-mail alias

An e-mail alias (or e-mail list) is a special e-mail address used to send e-mail to a group of one or more e-mail addresses. An e-mail alias works by forwarding the group e-mail to each individual address.

E-mail lists owned by current employees and students were migrated to Google Groups on November 12th. After this date, all changes to groups will be done using the Google Groups interface.

Creating an Alias

E-mail lists are being replaced by Google Groups. Please visit the Google Groups page to create a new alias.



Some e-mail aliases (lists) are able to have the users unsubscribe themselves off of the list.

Google Groups

Google groups is a service that Google provides to create email-based groups similar to an email alias. These groups can also be used to assign permission on files/folders on Google Drive and they can be used when assigning Google Calendar events.

GusMail/Gmail users

In the message heading of the list you would like to be removed from, click the unsubscribe link. If available, this will prompt an email with instructions on confirming the unsubscribe.

Gustavus Lists


Gustavus-L is an optional automated campus announcement and event list that pulls items from the College Calendar. It is distributed Monday through Saturday, with Sunday's announcements and events appearing on Saturday.

To subscribe please visit: Gustavus-L Information and Subscription.

Community-L, Students-L, Faculty-L, Employee-L, Administrator-L, Staff-L and TechAnnounce

These are lists managed and moderated by different departments on campus, and subscription to these lists is required based on your classification.

Messages to these lists must be approved by the list moderator. To send messages to these lists, please contact the managing department.

List Managing Department
Community-L Marketing and Communications
Students-L Dean of Students Office
Faculty-L Provost Office
Employee-L, Administrator-L, and Staff-L Marketing and Communications
TechAnnounce Technology Services

Course and Major e-mail aliases

A list of e-mail aliases for courses and majors is available at People Search (Gribly). After logging in, click Lists on the left side of the window. Enrollment in these lists is automatic and controlled by information from the Registrar's Office.