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Starfish step-by-step Instructions

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Q: Who has access to what in Starfish?

A: Everything in Starfish is based on permissions. Users have access to areas specific to their role: Financial aid, the CARE office, Dean of Students, Registrar, and Academic Leadership (VP’s) can see all information (flags, crowns, notes, etc) on all students. Primary advisors and athletic coaches can see all information (flags, crowns, notes, etc) but only for the students they advise or coach. Teachers can see information on the students in their courses, but only information (flags, crowns, notes, etc) tied to that course. Employees can see no student information with the exception of flag or crown they themselves have raised for that particular student.

Q: Are Moodle Grades coming into Starfish?

A: Moodle grades were coming into Starfish but it was decided by the functional team to remove them. So Moodle grades are no longer updating into Starfish. Some old data will remain until we can get Starfish to clear it out.

Q: Do I put academic alerts still in Webadvisor or do I flag them in Starfish?

A: Beginning Spring 2018 semester, all academic alerts will be done in Starfish by flagging a student.

Q: Should I use appointments in Starfish and sync my Gustavus Google Calendar?

A: If you are a GUSMAIL (Google Mail) user, YES! The calendars between your Gustavus Google Calendar and Starfish will sync back and forth and work seamless. If you are on Gustavus Mail using Thunderbird, Outlook or MacMail as your email client, we DO NOT recommend syncing your Gustavus Google Calendar. Information will come from your Gustavus Google Calendar into Starfish but appointments you set up in Starfish will not sync back to your Gustavus Google Calendar. We recommend using appointments in Starfish and NOT syncing your Google Calendar or migrate to GUSMAIL so the syncing will work seamless.

Q: Who decided on all the features in Starfish?

A: The group consists of: Financial aid office, the CARE office, the Provost office, FTS, the Registrar, GTS, and AIS. This group met weekly all summer to build the Starfish pilot. We know that things may need to change, so if you have suggestions for change, please fill out the Please provide us feedback to make Starfish betterform.

Email Template Examples

With certain flags, crowns, referrals and to-do's that you may give to students in Starfish, there is an email that goes to the student. Navigate to this Google Folder to see examples of what the different email templates look like.