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During the COVID-19 pandemic we are all called to be committed to the safety, health, and wellbeing of every member of the Gustavus community. This year, we will rely on the Gustavus tradition of stepping up as a community to care for one another, to reduce the chance of a widespread outbreak on campus, and to protect those who are the most vulnerable amongst us. Participation by every member of our community will allow us to be together this year. We will continue to use evidence-based information from the Minnesota Department of Health and Center for Disease Control to inform the expected behaviors for all members of the Gustavus community. Following these expectations shows how Gusties will ROAR - Respect Others, Act Responsibly.

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Community Expectations

Maintain Distance
Maintain physical distance of six (6) feet from others both indoors and outdoors.
Wear a Face Covering
Wear a face covering both indoors and outdoors.
Limit Close Contact
Limit close contacts to limit the spread.
Good Hand Hygiene
Wash hands for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving a building.
Daily COVID Self-screening
Complete a daily COVID self-screening and report any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure.
Stay Home When Sick
Quarantine and isolate if you or someone in your household have symptoms, an exposure to, or are diagnosed with COVID-19.
Limit Travel
Limit unnecessary travel by remaining on campus/close to home.
Sanitize personal objects and limit sharing.

Safety Phase — Orange

Safety Phases Decision Criteria: Gustavus created five (5) safety phases (green, blue, yellow, orange red) to guide the precautions needed during the COVID-19 outbreak. The College is using many factors to determine when it is appropriate to move to a different safety phase. The College bases decisions on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Minnesota Department of Health. Additional factors include the capacity on campus and in the local community to identify, test, contract trace, and care for students and employees.

  • Health and Wellness
  • Academics
  • Residential Life
  • Dining Service
  • Campus Events & Meetings
  • Athletics
  • Fine Arts
  • Employee Resources
  • Support for High Risk Individuals
  • Visitors: Alumni, Parents, Community, Prospective Students
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  • Courses for spring semsester will be a mix of in-person, hybrid, and online delivery to meet needs of students and faculty and still preserve the Gustavus academic experience.
  • All faculty and students should be prepared to move to online teaching and learning at any point in time during the semester.
  • A minimum of six (6) feet physical distancing is required at all times in the classroom.
  • Face coverings should be worn at all times in the classroom by students and faculty.
  • Seating charts are strongly recommended for every class.
  • Shared equipment should be sanitized between each use or gloves will be available.
  • Library staff will provide contactless pick-up, scanning services, and promote access to the digital collections.
  • All study away programs have been cancelled for the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • Students and employees must sign-up for usage of equipment.
    1. View space availability
    2. Call the information desk at 507-933-6660 to sign up.
  • Most athletic facilities will prioritize usage to classes and in-season athletes.
  • Fitness equipment has been arranged to allow for distancing.
  • Students and employees will need to sign-up in advance and sanitize equipment before and after usage.
  • Locker rooms are closed except for athletic teams and students needing to change for class. Other users should come ready to work out and leave immediately following the workout.
  • Intramural sports, student-led fitness classes, and employee wellness classes will be limited and will be held in mostly virtual formats.
  • Intercollegiate athletics will follow recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health, NCAA, and MIAC.
  • Club sports are currently postponed and will continue to be evaluated similar to intercollegiate athletics.
  • For teams competing, no spectors will be allowed at competitions.
  • Home competitions will be livestreamed and archived when possible.
  • All student organizations and departments are encouraged to think creatively on how to host events and meetings online.
  • Due to distancing restrictions, meeting and event spaces on campus will be limited.
  • Events and meetings held face-to-face must ensure six (6) feet of distance between people is maintained at all times.
  • All in-person events and meetings over 20 people must have an approved COVID safety plan.
  • An event planning resource was developed to assist groups in finding alternative ways to host events.
  • Tabling in the Campus Center is not permitted. An online tabling format is being developed.
  • When not actively eating or drinking, face coverings are required in dining areas (Marketplace, banquet rooms, Courtyard Cafe, STEAMery).
  • Distancing should be maintained when standing in line as much as possible.
  • Tables and chairs are reconfigured to reduce density.
  • Many self-serve food options will be pre-packaged such as at the salad bar, soup, cold cereal, waffle area.
  • Red/green signs on each table for quick seating/cleaning as staff will sanitize areas after each use.
  • Staff will frequently disinfect high touch areas.
  • Directional arrows will show one way traffic through the dining areas.
  • Reusable plates/Gustie Ware/silverware/glassware/mugs will be eliminated.
  • Catering requests will be considered case by case.
  • Offices should continue to follow a COVID work that plan that accounts for Gustavus employees, student employees, and visitors/vendors that addresses the COVID safety expectations and any other office/department specific item.
  • Scheduling of employees on campus should take place to allow the office to be open to students and other guests
    during the regular business hours of the College (8 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. M-F).
  • Gustavus Technology Services offers support for employees working remotely.
  • Employees should limit unnecessary travel. View the College travel policy and guidance for fall semester.
  • The Human Resources Department has information specific for work options due to COVID-19.
  • Theatrical productions for the year will allow for distancing during the production and performance.
  • Dance productions will not involve direct contact between performers.
  • Music ensembles will practice according to national guidelines and may be broken into smaller groups.
  • Music practice rooms will be restricted to one person, with students using phones to record or stream if instructor feedback is needed.
  • Art studios and work areas may use barriers or limit capacity.
  • Exhibitions and performances may be virtual/streamed, or if live will follow COVID safety plans for performers and guests.
  • Working spaces that are typically shared (studios, shops, storage lockers) will use distancing, scheduling, and training to create distance and limit numbers of persons accessing them at a given time.
  • Equipment sharing will be minimized and any shared equipment will be sanitized between use.
  • Every day, all Gustavus students and employees are expected to do the COVID-19 self-screening.
  • If there are symptoms that cannot be explained by another medical condition or if you have had a known COVID-19 exposure, students and employees should stay home and report using an online COVID Reporting Form.
  • Gustavus Health Service will test people with COVID symptoms or who have had a known exposure. Make an appointment by calling Gustavus Health Services at 507-933-7630.
  • If the test result is positive, the Health Service provider will review strategies of care for COVID-19 as part of a case investigation and discuss isolation plans.
  • By definition from the Minnesota Department of Health, all people who have spent 15 minutes within six (6) feet of a person who tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 48 hours must go into quarantine, regardless if they were wearing a mask during the interaction.
  • Gustavus will conduct contact tracing for contacts who are members of the Gustavus community (students, staff, faculty). Contacts not affiliated with Gustavus will be traced and contacted by the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • People who have tested positive, have been exposed, or have symptoms will need to stay in isolation/quarantine.
  • People in isolation and quarantine need to take extreme care to not be in contact with others as they could transmit the COVID-19 infection.
  • Students who need to quarantine or isolate are encouraged to go home if they are able and the home environment is one that is safe and conducive to continued academic learning, if the student is not feeling ill. If staying on campus, in most situations, students will need to move into spaces set aside for isolation and quarantine.
  • Employees and students living off-campus are expected to go into isolation or quarantine in their own residence and will not be housed on campus.
  • A COVID case manager will work with all students and employees who are in isolation and quarantine.
  • Information about who should be tested and go into isolation/quarantine.
  • Local COVID-19 testing options.
  • COVID-19 is a new disease and there is limited information regarding risk factors for severe disease. The CDC has information on people who are at increased risk for severe illness.
  • Seek help if you wish using the following resources available to you on campus.
    • For Campus Employees: Email Nicole Goebel
    • For Students: The Class Dean will be happy to assist you in finding the right resources for you on campus 507-933-7526 or
  • As a College we are committed to doing our best to provide pathways for employees to do their jobs and students to learn safely.
  • You do not have to self-identify, however if you are comfortable with doing so, share your concerns with above offices to determine resources available on campus specific to you.
  • A student’s residence hall room will be treated as home and face coverings are not required inside the room.
  • Bed spacing must be maintained at six (6) feet.
  • When outside of the student’s residence hall room, distancing of six (6) feet should be maintained and face coverings should be worn.
  • Students should do as much personal hygiene in their room and keep distance from others when using the bathroom.
  • Shared spaces (lounge, computer lab, kitchen) will be open for use as long as six (6) feet distancing is maintained.
  • Students will only have card access to their own building.
  • No off campus visitors are allowed at any time in resident rooms after move-in.
  • Campus buildings are currently closed to all visitors (alumni, Gustavus retirees, guest, etc.) who are not registered with a campus host.
  • No visitors are currently allowed in residence halls at any time.
  • For the safety of our campus and our visitors, at this time only invited guests are welcome in Gustavus buildings.
  • View a list of approved COVID Visitor Grid .
  • The Gustavus Admission Office is open for both on-campus and virtual visits for prospective students.
  • Visitors to campus are expected to follow the same COVID safety protocols as employees and students.
  • Visitors should have a campus host. This host is responsible to educate the guest on COVID safety expectations
  • All visitors must register using the Campus Visitor Registration Form .
  • Visitor guide handout

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The Gustavus COVID-19 Information Center, is managed by the Office of Marketing and Communication and may be reached by calling 507-933-7520, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday or email

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