Global Mentors Friends & FacultyCenter for International and Cultural Education

One of the hallmarks of the liberal arts college experience is the incredible opportunity for student-faculty interaction. In a college like Gustavus, you have the chance to develop real relationships with one or more faculty. These connections occur both within and outside of students' major departments.

At CICE, we want to facilitate this type of interaction and relationship-building. We also want to give you opportunities for targeted mentorship and advising from staff and faculty members who are very interested in helping international and multilingual students. For these reasons, we worked together with faculty and staff colleagues to create Global Mentors Friends & Faculty (GMFF).

GMFF is an alliance of Gustavus staff and faculty members who have indicated that they are willing to provide the particular kinds of support that international and multilingual students may need. The group's members are dedicated to helping you find your way to success at Gustavus and understand that it takes personal as well as academic support for any student to succeed in their collegiate aspirations.

GMFF Advising and Mentorship. If you are interested in an extra advisor/mentor, please feel free to contact one of these individuals: