Ramadan Mubarak! (Blessed Ramadan!)

The holy month of Ramadan is a period when Muslims refrain from eating or drinking between the hours of sunrise and sunset. For the first time in a decade, Ramadan began during Gustavus’s academic year, on May 16.

The Office of the Chaplains made special arrangements for Muslim students during Ramadan. These included breakfast bags, and several evening meals (called iftars) on campus and at the St. Peter Islamic Center.

Interfaith learning events included two speakers on Ramadan during Daily Sabbath (Dr. Fuad Naeem and Saad Tariq, on May 15 and 17, respectively) and a Gustavus community Ramadan dinner on May 24. 

Ramadan Follow-up Survey for Muslim Students

We'd love to get feedback from Muslim students about our support for you during Ramadan! Please fill out the survey in the May 29 Ramadan update newsletter by June 15. If you do not get the email, request a survey from Dr. Marian Broida (mbroida@gustavus.edu).

Help Moving Your Stuff 

CICE is offering international students help moving their stuff to summer storage or housing on May 29 and June 6. Please sign up here: Google Doc Transportation Sign-Up – storage and summer housing

Jeff Anderson, who is coordinating the help, writes: "I added more times to sign up for transportation to summer storage and
housing on May 29 and June 6, and will get another volunteer to help with the driving. Please have your stuff outside of your residence hall and be ready to be picked up at the scheduled time. If you’d like help hauling stuff down from your room, or from the van into storage, please ask a friend for that. I think it will be hard for us to keep on schedule if we carry the stuff out and into dorms, so we plan to leave that to you."

If all slots are full, you might check with CICE anyway for ideas on other options. Be sure to do so at least 24 hours in advance, and check with your CF so you know all the details.

Taking Heart iftar in Mankato on June 1

All members of the Gustavus community (and anyone else) is invited to join the Islamic Association of Mankato for a “Taking Heart” iftar on Friday June 1. Register through the Minnesota Council of Churches . Click the registration link on that page, then scroll down until you find the right location. This event is open to anyone regardless of religion. Transportation is on your own.

Muslim prayer during Ramadan

  • The Bonnier Multifaith Center has been reserved for Muslim prayer every afternoon and evening, from the start of Ramadan through June 1.

For questions, contact Dr. Marian Broida