Should I Apply?


Should I apply? What do they look for? Will I get in? Since every college considers different factors as they build their incoming class, the answers to these questions will vary depending on the college, its curriculum, the overall quality of its applicants, and your specific qualities.

Gustavus is a selective college, one that carefully evaluates each application and has many more applicants than space in the first-year class. For the Class of 2021, Gustavus received nearly 5,000 applications and about 60% of our applicants were admitted.

Should you apply even if you've had academic challenges? Yes. Don't disqualify yourself from Gustavus or any college for any reason. If you're interested, apply. If Gustavus cannot offer you admission, hopefully you've been able to explore other options and the admission process at Gustavus has helped you focus on what college features are most important to you.

Admission Recommendations

Gustavus students are much more than a series of numbers. They are motivated, talented, and enthusiastic members of a close-knit community, made of individuals with varying backgrounds and many different strengths.

Students applying for admisson to Gustavus may choose whether or not to submit standardized test scores, which:

  1. reaffirms the College's commitment to evaluating the whole person -- not just one number;
  2. allows students to report test scores if they feel the scores accurately reflect their academic abilities and potential;
  3. alleviates the pressure of repeatedly taking the ACT or SAT or paying for expensive test-preparation courses.

Therefore, the following information should be used as a guideline — along with the suggested academic preparation — for prospective applicants.

Admission Guidelines
Metric Suggested Score
Grade Point Average 3.63
Average ACT 27
Average SAT 1225

Academic Preparation

A student's coursework is the most important component considered when making an admission decision. Successful candidates for admission typically pursue an academically rigorous schedule, often including Advanced Placement, Honors, and International Baccalaureate courses. Each fall, nearly half of the entering class comes to Gustavus with advanced credit from AP, IB, PSEO, or College in the Schools programs.

The main question to consider and answer on your Application for Admission to Gustavus is this: "How has everything I've done — from courses to activities, in and outside of high school — prepared me for the academic rigor and expectations of a Gustavus education?"

Academic Preparation
Academic Area Recommended Preparation
English 4 Years
Math 4 Years
Laboratory Science 3 Years
Social Science 3 Years
Foreign Language Strongly Recommended