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The Math and Computer Science Club (MCS Club) is open for students of all majors. MCS Club provides a place for students to meet others who share similar interests through monthly social, educational, and career-oriented events. Our goal is to promote the love of math and computers for students of any discipline.
CONSTITUTION OF THE MCS CLUB ARTICLE I: NAME The name of this organization shall be The MCS (Math and Computer Science) Club. ARTICLE II: PURPOSE The MCS Club is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to meet others and share their interests in math and computer science. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP Section 1: Membership in this organization is open to all students who are interested in math and/or computer science. Students of any major can be MCS Club members. Section 2: Members are accepted continually throughout the year. Section 3: Attendance at events is encouraged but not required. ARTICLE IV: OFFICERS Section 1: The following officer positions shall exist in the MCS Club: President (or co-presidents), Treasurer, and Webmaster. All officers must be full-time students in good standing enrolled at Gustavus Adolphus College. The only position that has additional requirements that must be met is the President. They must have been a member of the organization for at least one year before becoming President. If no qualified parties are interested, this requirement may be waived with the majority agreement of the membership present. Section 2: In addition to the positions listed above, other interested members can become officers to help plan events. Section 3: Every officer must help plan monthly social events. In addition, the duties of each office are described as follows: A. President (or Co-Presidents) 1. To organize larger events 2. To oversee the planning of monthly social events 3. To send email reminders to club members 4. To keep the MCS Club bulletin board up to date B. Treasurer 1. To maintain the finances of the MCS Club and keep accurate records of all financial matters 2. To apply for funds from Senate in the spring C. Webmaster 1. To keep the MCS Club Facebook page and website up to date Section 4: In May, MCS Club members interested in a specific position may put their name in for a vote. All members will vote to determine the officers for the following academic year. Section 5: The term of office begins at the beginning of June, with the month of May serving as a transition month between old and new officers. The term of office shall last for one calendar year. ARTICLE V: MEETINGS Section 1:The Executive Board will meet at the beginning of each semester to lay out a plan for the semester's events. The President will set the agenda for the meetings with input from all members and Executive Board members. Section 2: The President or Advisor has the capability of calling special meetings for any matters they feel cannot wait until the next regularly scheduled meeting. Members must be given at least 3 days notice of any special meetings. ARTICLE VI: EXECUTIVE BOARD Section 1: The Executive Board shall be comprised of the President (or Co-Presidents), Treasurer, and Webmaster. ARTICLE VII: COMMITTEES n/a ARTICLE VIII: FINANCES Section 1: Funds of the organization shall be raised primarily through requesting funds from Senate in the spring. This is one of the duties of the Treasurer. Section 2: Funds may also be raised for the organization through College-sanctioned student organization fundraising events. The Treasurer will be responsible for managing the funds raised through these events. Section 3: Upon dissolution of the MCS Club, any financial assets will be credited to the Gustavus Student Senate. ARTICLE IX: BY-LAWS n/a ARTICLE X: AMENDMENTS n/a Date of Ratification: October 6th, 2012 Revised by Meghan Peterson, 10/6/12 Revised by Helen Wauck, 09/27/13
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