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Diversity Education Exploration Project

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Diversity Education Exploration Project
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To allow Gustavus students, and in particular traditionally underrepresented students, to develop first hand experiences each year encompassing conversations of continuing education of regional graduate institutions, thematic cultural exploration, and a strategic service learning project.
Article I: Membership 1. Membership is open to all current Gustavus students 2. Membership categories: Executive Board and members 3. Members are required to participate in fundraising efforts (not counted towards community service) 4. Members are expected to attend most meetings Article II: Executive Board The Executive Board members, duties, and responsibilities are listed under the following: Advisor 1. Lead Spring trip advisory 2. Meet with Co-chairs weekly Co-Chairs 1. Head administrators: preside over all meetings that occur in the general assembly 2. Act as a liaison between the club, student organizations, departments, and the advisor 3. Ensure all planning committees and activities are on track 4. Representatives of the organization Secretary 1. Must be present in all meetings and take meeting minutes, if unable to must notify board members to fill in. 2. Meeting minutes must be sent out within 24 hours after the meeting 3. Ensure that all topics of the meeting’s agenda has been fulfilled 4. Responsible for holding documents 5. Responsible for taking service logs Treasurer 1. Maintain and keep records of all financial matters 2. Must check and approve before any financial transaction 3. Be up-to-date on latest financial status 4. Ensure that the club is within the budget 5. Provide financial input Public Relations 1. Responsible for all publicity and logistics 2. Liaison to other student organizations. 3. Historian: must attend all major events/activities to take photos unless a board member is notified to fill in position Article IV: Meetings 1. Meetings will be held weekly throughout the academic year (including J-term if on campus) 2. Absent members during meetings must ensure that they are up-to-date 3. All executive board members can request for a meeting 4. Co-chairs must prepare an agenda for every meeting Article V: Spring Break Trip Participants 1. All current Gustavus students can participate 2. Must sign and accept terms of agreement and conduct code 3. If selected must attend mandatory training session prior to the trip Article VI: Election and Voting Section A: Voting 1. Voting for new executive board will take place in Fall semester. 2. Voting for Co-chairs will take place in May. • Voting for Co-chairs will have a selection committee of 5 people which includes: o Advisor o No rerunning Co-chairs o No running Board members o Selection committee chooses D.E.E.P. member to fill in any gaps Section B: Eligibility 1. All members are eligible to vote for qualified candidates 2. Those unable to vote due to appropriate reason(s) are allowed absentee voting one week in advance 3. Candidates eligible to run for Co-Chair one of them must be a previous board member for at least a year Section C: Impeachment 1. If newly elected board members do not satisfy the conditions to which they originally agreed, they can be dismissed under the current board members’ discretion Article VI: Events 1. Fight Against.... Charity Event (Fall) 2. Silent Auction (Fall or Spring) 3. Spring Break Trip 4. Fight Continues... 5. End-of-the-year DEEP trip presentation (Spring) 6. Community Service or Fundraising Activity (Fall or Spring) Article VII: Amendment 1. All members in good standing may propose amendments. The proposed amendments will be reviewed by the executive board members and submitted to members in writing at least two weeks before voting is to take place. 2. All executive board members in good standing are eligible to vote, but must be present at the meeting to do so. At least a two-thirds (2/3) majority is needed to allow the amendment to pass. 3. If amendments are passed, they take effect at the end of the meeting during which they are passed.
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