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Gustavus Swing Club
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To provide social dancing opportunities for the Gustavus Community. Our goal is to provide regular opportunities for students and the community to learn a variety of swing dances in a fun and social environment.
I. Article: Title and Purpose Section: Title and Mission Statement Gustavus Swing Club To provide social dancing opportunities for the Gustavus Community. Our goal is to provide regular opportunities for students and the community to learn a variety of swing dances in a fun and social environment. II. Article: Membership Section: Membership Any student, faculty member, or staff of Gustavus Adolphus College is eligible for membership. A person becomes a member of Gustavus Swing Club when they join the email list . Membership is not required to attend weekly dances or special events. There are no official steps necessary to become a member. No dues will be charged. III. Article: Leadership council Section: Purpose The leadership council will run weekly meetings and dances, teach lessons plan special events such as trips to dances and workshops in the mid-west, , , encourage new membership, and take a general leadership role in the Gustavus Swing Club. Section: Membership All members of the executive board are members of the leadership council. Each executive officer holds one vote in the leadership council. Any member of Gustavus Swing Club is eligible for membership of the leadership council. A person becomes a member of the leadership council when they join the email list . Each member holds one vote in the leadership council. Members of the leadership council will consider Swing Club members for inclusion in the leadership council. A simple majority vote will constitute acceptance and the new member will be invited to join by the President. Section: Requirements and Duties Each member of the leadership council is expected to attend Gustavus Swing Club leadership meetings to the extent of their ability and inform one of the members of the executive board if they are not able to attend. Members are also expected to help in the planning and set-up of special events and to provide constructive input to the leadership council Section: Member Removal If a member of the leadership council has lapsed in their duties, including attendance at weekly meetings, the other members of the council may vote to remove the member from the council by a 2/3 vote. That member may still attend weekly dances and special events. He/she may only rejoin the leadership council if the current members of the council vote by a simple majority to reinstate him/her. IV. Article: Executive Board Section: Requirements and Duties of the executive board Only members of the leadership council can hold executive board positions. All elected positions span a one-year term; there are no term limits on elected positions. Rank is determined by the order in which officers are listed in this constitution. All positions can be split between two different members. If this is the case the title will be preceded by “co-“ President; a single office Schedules meetings Chairs meetings. Should the president be unable to attend a meeting, the highest ranking elected officer present shall perform this duty. Represents the organization at student senate meetings Coordinates teaching of lessons at weekly dances Treasurer; a single office Financial advisor and record keeper Appropriates funding to all programs Gives final financial approval for all projects Author and presenter of all senate proposals regarding financial requests or allocations, including but not limited to annual budget request and mid year allocations. Works with the executive offices to form budgets Submits reguest for payment forms and ensures payments are made correctly and on time Secretary: a single office Keeps and distributes minutes of meetings Responsible for booking of groups and events Maintains email lists and sends general announcement emails to the club General secretarial duties such as checking mail in the den and arranging for a SAO worker to open locked doors. Music Librarian; a single office Maintains a library of swing dance music that can be played for dances and special events Provides music for each dance. If the music librarian is unable to attend a dance, it is his/her responsibility to ensure that music will be provided in their absence. Marketing and Advertising Officer: a single office Coordinates promotion of all club events, including but not limited to: Posters, flyers, postings, and paid and unpaid advertisements. Promotes membership drives Maintains club website Represents the organization to the general public as well as the collegiate and membership bodies when appropriate. Section: Election of executive board All elected executive board members shall serve for one academic year. Elections may take place mid year if deemed necessary, in which case the term of office shall be one half year for the replacement officer. Any member within the club may make nominations, and any member within the club may hold office. Current executive board members will resign their positions at the time the vote of new executive board members occurs. In the case of a tie, a vote among the leadership council shall be used to break the tie. If a tie still exists, the president’s vote shall be the decisive vote. Section: Replacement of officers Should an officer be brought before the leadership council for a membership review and it is determined that the officer is failing in his/her duties; the leadership council may request the resignation of the officer in question. If the officer does not comply the leadership council may move to strike the officer from his/her post by a 2/3 vote. A seat of the board that is left vacant due to resignation or removal of an officer is to be filled by appointment by the presiding president. Each appointment requires a majority vote of the leadership council for approval. V. Article: Amendments a. Section: Proposal Any member of the leadership council may at any time propose an amendment to this constitution. b. Section: Ratification Any amendment to this constitution must be ratified by at least two thirds of the leadership council, including at least four members of the executive board. VI. Article: Diversity and Inclusiveness a. Section: Statement of Diversity and Inclusiveness Gustavus Swing Club strives to have a diverse and inclusive membership base. It is our belief that each member of the club can bring their own diverse beliefs and experiences into the club. All students of any gender, age, race, background, etc. are welcome and encouraged to join and attend.
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