Severe Weather

Gustavus' Location

  • State of Minnesota
  • County: Nicollet
  • City: St. Peter
  • Nearest Largest City: Mankato

Radio Stations

  • KRBI 105.5 FM / 1310 AM St. Peter
  • KDOG 96.7 FM Mankato
  • KEEZ 99.1 FM Mankato
  • KYSM 103.5 FM Mankato
  • KTOE 1420 AM Mankato
  • WCCO 830 AM Mpls/St. Paul

Television Stations

  • Channel 4 Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • Channel 5 Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • Channel 11 Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • Channel 12 Mankato


Civil Defense Sirens
In Minnesota, the sirens are ONE METHOD of notifying residents of the presence of a Severe Weather Warning. Sirens are designed for persons who are outdoors. Persons indoors are expected to be aware of the weather and to turn to an appropriate media channel for further information. If the siren has sounded and stopped, it should NOT be construed as an all clear. Rather, wait for the media to issue the all clear.
Severe Weather
In Minnesota, severe weather takes different forms depending on the season. In late spring through fall, severe weather can include thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail, and straight-line winds.
Severe Weather WATCH
Conditions are right for severe weather to occur.
Severe Weather WARNING
Severe weather has been confirmed and is moving in a direction that jeopardizes the local area. GO TO SAFETY IMMEDIATELY!
Straight Line Winds
Tornado strength winds that do not rotate but blow in straight lines.
Severe Thunderstorms
Rainstorms that include thunder and lightning, as well as possibility of various sizes of hail.
Conditions are right for a tornado when a hot humid air mass collides with a cold air mass. Wind speeds of a tornado can reach 200 MPH.

Severe Weather Response

Be aware of your location and the location of the storm shelter in the building you are in.

If a Severe Weather Watch is Issued

  • Listen to local radio and TV stations for further updates.
  • Be alert to changing weather conditions.

If a Severe Weather Warning is Issued

  • If you are inside, go to the safe place in the building.
  • If you are outside, hurry to the basement of a nearby sturdy building or lie flat in a ditch or low-lying area.
  • If you are in a motor vehicle, get out immediately and head for safety.

Gustavus Shelter Locations

  • Administration -- Basement - Interior Rooms w/o Windows
  • Anderson Hall – Basement restrooms or hallway away from windows
  • Arbor View Apartments -- Lower Level Bathrooms/Laundry Room
  • Bernadotte Library -- Basement - AV Classrooms, Rooms w/o Windows
  • Beck Hall -- Basement - Rooms w/o windows, Bathrooms
  • Campus Center --Basement - Interior Hallways, Gustie Den, Book Mark, Gallery
  • Chapel View – Basement (away from windows)
  • Christ Chapel -- Basement, Bathrooms, Old Main and Nobel lowest floor possible away from windows
  • College View Apartments -- Lower Level Bathrooms/Laundry Room
  • Confer/Vickner -- Lower Level North Hallway, Second Floor Computer Room, All Bathrooms
  • Drentell Golf Facility – Move to Facilities Building A if possible, secondary restrooms
  • Facilities Shops -- Building “A” Bathrooms and Conference Room
  • Gibbs Hall -- Interior Hallways and Bathrooms on lowest level possible
  • Guest House – Basement away from windows
  • Hollingsworth Field -- Lund Center lower level
  • ILS Houses -- Basement (away from windows)
  • Heating Plant -- Lower level office/conference room
  • International Center -- Basement Hallway
  • Lind Interpretive Center -- Bathrooms, Fine Art Building
  • Lund Center -- Locker Rooms, Bathrooms, Room 224
  • Lundgren house – Basement photo room, restroom
  • Mattson Hall -- Fine Arts Building - Basement Band Room
  • Nobel Hall -- Basement Interior Hallways, Wallenberg Auditorium, Rooms w/o Windows
  • Norelius Hall -- Basement Hallways and Stairwells
  • North Hall -- Interior Hallway and Stairwell w/o Windows, Laundry Room on lowest level possible
  • Old Main -- Basement - Interior Hallways, Men’s Bathrooms (first and second floors)
  • Olin Hall -- Basement Hallway, Interior Rooms w/o Windows
  • Pittman Hall -- Interior Hallways (close all doors) on lowest level possible
  • Prairie View Hall -- Southwest Hall Basement Bathrooms
  • Rundstrom Hall -- North Bathrooms on lowest level possible
  • Schaefer Fine Arts-Art -- Interior Rooms w/o Windows, Bathrooms
  • Schaefer Fine Arts-Music/Theatre -- Lower Levels w/o Windows, Bathrooms
  • Sohre Hall -- Interior Hallways (close all doors) on lowest level possible
  • Sorensen Hall -- Interior Hallways/Basement Kitchen/Laundry Rooms on lowest level possible
  • Southwest Hall -- Bathrooms (all floors), Laundry Room on lowest level possible
  • Student Union -- Basement - Bathrooms or Library Basement
  • Swanson Tennis Center -- Bathrooms/ Mechanical Room
  • Uhler Hall -- Interior Hallways on lowest level possible
  • West Field Shelter -- Inner bathrooms

Gustavus Severe Weather Cancellation/Delay/Closure Policy