Campus Keys

Key Procedures

Gustavus Key Policy

Gustavus Card Access Policy

Report Lost ID Card:

You can de-activate your ID card through your Account page. Replacements should be obtained in the Campus Safety office (9am - 3pm Mon. - Fri.). 

If an ID card is turned in to Campus Safety, you would be contacted to pick it up from our lost and found.

Key Requests:
Key and electronic access requests should be made by Department Heads/Chairs or Administrative Assistants by submtting a request via online key request form. Key holders will then be notified when the key(s) are ready for pickup in Campus Safety. Anyone receiving keys will need to sign for them and personally pick them up in the Campus Safety office - keys cannot be picked up by another person or sent through campus mail. When no longer needed or if an employee is leaving, keys should be returned directly to Campus Safety. A new key request should be submitted for any new employee or person needing additional keys, keys should not be handed off from one employee to another. Electronic access for student course work or class should be submitted by the appropriate faculty/staff member.

Key Audits:
Routine key audits are sent to departments/buildings on a rotating basis. Department members must submit the key numbers of those keys in their possession so we can check the status of each building and department's keys. Any lost or missing keys should be reported to Campus Safety immediately. Any old or obsolete keys should be turned in to Campus Safety.

Key Control:
“Key control” keys are typically issued directly by faculty/staff to students, and are tracked separately from an employee's personal keys. Those department members holding 'key control' keys are audited annually and all keys should be collected from students by the end of the academic year. Each student receiving a key control key is required to sign a key form/contract which states they will be charged $75 per key if the key is not returned and a copy provided to Campus Safety upon request. Campus Safety should be immediately notified of any missing/lost keys. 

Permission Passes:
If a faculty or staff member wishes to allow a student after-hours access and/or to a room that is considered a limited access area (red core door), the student must be issued a gold-colored Permission for Admittance pass. Campus Safety officers recognize these cards, paired with a student’s Gustavus Adolphus College ID card, as the official method of authorizing permission to access secure areas. 
  • If a student does not have a pass and their student ID, they will be asked to leave during officer patrols/lock-downs (even if they have a key or fob or are with a student with a pass). Officers are instructed to collect incomplete passes, passes that appear to be modified, or that do not allow the student access to the room in question.
  • Permission passes can be requested by Faculty/staff from the Campus Safety administrative assistant by filling out this form, Permission for Admittance Pass. The Campus Safety administrative assistant will then fill out the passes. Passes will then need to be signed by the faculty or appropriate staff member that requested the cards – blank cards are not given to students, and Campus Safety does not issue passes. Notes or emails are not accepted in lieu of passes.

Campus Key Policy


The campus key policy has been established as a basis for a key issue and maintenance system for the campus.

Policy Detail and Instructions

Departmental Responsibility for Control of Campus Keys

The Departments of Campus Safety, Residential Life and Physical Plant are responsible for the administration of the campus key policy.

Issue of Campus Keys

All employees and students of Gustavus Adolphus College are eligible to hold keys for areas to which they need access on a daily basis to perform their jobs. All requests for permanently issued keys should be made through the Department of Campus Safety and include proper authorization by division/department chair, dean or director. Requests for temporary keys must have definite issue and return dates and include the proper authorized signature before they will be processed. Once processed, keys must be picked up in person by the key holder at the Department of Campus Safety.

Return of Campus Keys

All keys must be returned by the key holder to the Campus Safety office upon departmental transfer or termination of employment. Any keys not currently used by the college employee should also be returned to reduce the number of keys in circulation.

Transfer/Loan of Keys

Employees must sign for keys issued to them and should not receive or take into possession any campus keys that have not been formally issued to them by the Campus Safety Department.

Lost Keys

In the event that a key is lost, report the loss immediately to the department head and to the Campus Safety Department within 24-hours.

Key Duplication

Key holders MUST NOT duplicate any keys issued to them. Disciplinary action may result for unauthorized key duplication.

Worn or Broken Keys

A replacement for a worn or broken key will be provided at no charge in exchange for the defective key.

Re-Keying or Installation of New Locks

All re-keying or installation of new locks in all academic and administrative areas must be requested through the Campus Safety Department.

Keys for Residential Life

The Residential Life office issues and receives keys for residence hall housing. Furthermore, all related record keeping is the responsibility of the Residential Life office. Physical Plant provides locksmithing for the Residential Life department.

Keys for Service Personnel

Short-term contracted vendors to the campus will not be issued permanent keys to the Gustavus Adolphus campus. Keys will be made available for daily check out from the Physical Plant Office. In the event a vendor needs after-hours access to a part of the campus, arrangements can be made through the Campus Safety Department.