Campus Safety provides the College with a wide array of services. These include a campus Safe Ride program (507-933-7000), lost and found, support for sponsored campus events, and room lockout services.

Lost and Found

There is a campus Lost and Found program managed through the Dept. of Campus Safety. Anyone can submit a Lost Property Report on the Campus Safety web page including the following information: Name, contact information, description of item (size, brand, model, color), date lost, and location lost if known. All lost property reports are checked against lost and found that has been turned in, and all new items are checked against lost property reports, so you will be contacted if your item is turned in.

If you believe an item has been stolen, please contact the Campus Safety office immediately at 507-933-8888 24 hours a day to make a report with an officer. Do not use the lost property form for items you suspect have been stolen.

Anyone finding clothing, keys, books, jewelry, wallets, electronics, sports equipment or other items on campus should bring these found items immediately to the Campus Safety Department. Lost and Found items will be held for 30 days.

After 30 days, clothing and low-value items are donated to area charitable stores/organizations. Each Spring (minimum 30 days after being turned in to the Lost and Found), high-value items may be sold at silent auction with the proceeds benefiting alcohol education.

The Campus Safety Department understands the impact of losing personal belongings and is committed to ensuring that every effort is made to return lost and found items to the owners as quickly as possible. With your help, we can make Lost and Found work for everyone!


If you lock yourself out of your room a Campus Safety Officer will let you in, but will charge you $10.00.

Safe Rides

A Campus Safety student employee will be available to give safe rides from specifically marked locations from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. every night during the academic year (November 1 through April 1 pickups will begin at 6pm). The Safe Ride vehicle will be posted at several locations within the center of campus when not transporting students. Students calling the Safe Ride number, 507-933-7000, will be directed to the nearest location to be picked up by the Safe Ride vehicle and transported to the closest marked drop off location. The driver will pick up and drop off at 14 designated locations (below). All pickup points are designated by posted yellow and black “Safe Ride” signs. After picking up students the driver will take them to the closest drop off location or the driver may stop and pick up more students on the way there if room is available in the vehicle. When a driver arrives at a called in pick up location, he/she will wait one minute to pick up students; if the students are not there in one minute the driver will leave and the students will need to call for another pick up.

For Safe Rides service call 507-933-7000 to speak to a Safe Rides dispatcher.

For more information, 24-hour medical escorts, or for walking escorts after 1:00 a.m., call Campus Safety at 507-933-8888.


  • NORELIUS HALL - Main door entryway by bench
  • THREE FLAGS CIRCLE - West side of circle
  • NORTH HALL - On circle drive sidewalk
  • SEVENTH STREET HOUSES - Front of Walker House
  • RUNDSTROM HALL - Front of Rundstrom Hall
  • SOHRE HALL - Across street from Sohre Hall
  • ARBOR VIEW APARTMENTS - By Residential Life parking space
  • MUSIC BUILDING SOUTH - South end of music building
  • NOBEL HALL - SW entry by parking lot
  • CHAPEL CIRCLE - NW side of the Chapel
  • INTERNATIONAL HOUSE - Entryway of International House
  • LUND CENTER - SE corner of building in Lund Circle
  • COLLEGE VIEW APARTMENTS - NW entryway by Tennis Bubble
  • CHAPEL VIEW TOWNHOMES - By fence around trash containers

Safe Rides Slide

Campus Events

Support for On-Campus College Sponsored Events

Any College or Student Activities approved event on-campus may seek appropriate assistance from the Campus Safety Department. Please submit a Special Event Checklist and then contact the Campus Safety Department (x8809 or e-mail during business hours) to schedule an appointment to discuss your event needs and the hourly charge rate for Officer staffing.

Assistance and support may range from simple communication and acknowledgment of the event to providing safety personnel and equipment on-site and dedicated to that event.

To support individual event needs, Campus Safety may need information from the following categories, dependent upon the type, size, etc. of event that a group wishes to host on campus.

Event Information for Campus Safety

Contact Campus Safety a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. The magnitude of the event may necessitate a much greater notification.

Advise of:

  1. Type of Event
  2. Date(s)
  3. Time(s)
  4. Location(s)
    1. Back up Location(s)
  5. Size of Audience (crowd size)
  6. Sponsor(ship)
  7. Contact Person(s)
    1. Names, Addresses, Phone numbers, etc.
  8. Specific Facility Needs/Requests
    1. Buildings/rooms that may need to be unlocked/locked; and, timing of same

After receiving the preliminary information, Campus Safety will meet with organizers, if deemed necessary, to discuss the following:

Parking/Transportation Concerns:

  1. Direct Traffic
  2. Restrict/Reserve Parking (area of a lot, etc.)
  3. Special Parking Concerns (handicapped/elderly)
  4. Alternate Transportation Needs (i.e. golf carts)

Personal Safety/Medical Concerns:


  1. On-site E.M.T. (coordinated through City Ambulance Director)
  2. C.P.R./First Responder Personnel
  3. First Aid Station
  4. On-site Ambulance w/crew

Extra Event Staffing:

Possible Needs for:

  1. Event-assigned Campus Safety Officer(s)
  2. Telecommunicator/Dispatcher, student assistants, etc
  3. Knowledge of "Required Dress" (by Campus Safety Personnel for the event)
  4. Off-Duty City Police Officer(s)*

Publicity Concerns/Restrictions:

  1. Need to "Control" Admission/Attendance
  2. Ticket Distribution
  3. Ticket Scalping/Bogus Tickets

Special/Extra Equipment Requirements:

Need for:

  1. Improved Communications (extra walkie-talkies, cellular telephones, etc.)

Proper or Necessary Permits/Approvals

  1. Examples:
  2. Burn Permits
  3. Site Inspections
  4. Liability Reviews
  5. Capacity/Audience Limitations (i.e. fire codes)

We hope this gives you some basic review of things that Campus Safety may need to know or have available to assist with proper support.

Please note that staffing charges will apply for all personnel requests.