Vehicle PoliciesPolicies and regulations for campus-owned vehicles

Request Driver Certification -

Certification is required for reserving or driving a College-owned vehicle.

  • Complete the online web form and you will be contacted the next business day about the certification process. You will have the option to choose if you need Large Passenger Van certification (8 and 10 passenger vans), Defensive Driver certification (required for College-owned cars and mini vans), or both.

Mini-vans and other College-owned vehicles

  • Motor Pool Vehicle Policy
  • Defensive Driver online certification will be required to reserve or drive College-owned vehicle (cars or mini-vans included).
  • To register for the online driver training training, please fill out the web form here. You will be contacted about how to log in for the online training and once completed, you will be added to the certified driver's list.
  • Defensive Driver certification is valid for 4 years.

Large Passenger Vans

  • Large Passenger Van Policy
  • Large Passenger Van certification is required for all College-owned 8 and 10 passenger vans.
  • To register for the Large Passenger Van training, please fill out the web form here and be sure to note which training(s) you require and open times in your weekday schedule. You will be contacted about how to log in for the online training (Part 1) and with information about coordinating the scheduling of the behind-the-wheel portion of the training (Part 2).
    • Please provide at least 2 weeks advance notice to allow for the coordination of van reservation and instructor availability. Short-notice requests may not be able to be accommodated.
    • The behind-the-wheel portion of the Large Passenger Van Training takes 30 minutes, sessions and open time slots are coordinated through Heather Wilmes (Campus Safety) after receiving the web form submissions. Drivers will need to bring their certificate of completion of the online training and their driver's license to the behind-the-wheel session.
    • Large Passenger Van certification is valid for 4 years, you will receive a certification card upon completion of both parts of the training.
    • When your certification expires, please contact Heather Wilmes about the re-certification process.

Campus vehicle reservations are managed by Motor Pool.

Utility/Golf Cart Safety Program

  • Utility/Golf Cart Safety Policy - August 2016
  • Training should be conducted by the supervisor and documentation returned to Dale Plemmons.
  • Contact x7494 with any Golf cart training questions.