Campus Policies



Due to concerns for both personal safety and the preservation of campus landscaping, unauthorized outdoor camping on Gustavus property is not permitted. “Camping” is defined to include use of tents, sleeping bags, or other outdoor sleeping arrangements (including overnight occupancy of a vehicle parked on College property), as well as the building of open campfires or the use of any type of barbecue grill. Requests for bonfires, cookouts, and other large-group outdoor activities on College grounds should be directed to the appropriate officials for prior approval.

Skate Policy

For reasons of personal safety, the use of in-line skates (roller blades), roller-skates, and skateboards inside any building on campus is prohibited. Violations of this policy will subject violators(s) to appropriate sanctions.

Persons wearing in-line skates (roller blades) and roller-skates or using skateboards are encouraged to wear appropriate personal protection equipment (i.e. helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads). All outdoor use of roller blades, roller-skates and skateboards should be in a manner that promotes personal safety, the safety of others and respect for College and personal property. Anyone engaging in these activities during hours of darkness are encouraged to wear light-colored clothing and reflective materials .