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Campus Safety is occasionally made aware of threats on campus.  It is our obligation to relay this information to the College community if doing so will cause no further harm and the information will enable the community to take action to protect themselves. The grid below will be used to determine methods and timelines for communications to our community.  

Immediate Notification Timely Warning Campus Safety Advisory

There is an imminent/immediate, serious and ongoing threat to the campus community health and safety.

If so, do the following as soon as possible (within 45 min) after confirmation of the emergency:

Initiate an emergency broadcast via the College RAVE emergency notification system.

Post message to College website banner.

Follow up with a Timely Warning or Campus Safety Advisory

Common Examples:  Random act of violence (active shooter, stabber, assaulter) where the offender is not in police custody, active building fire, chemical hazard, threat of serious harm made toward the campus or community, severe weather.

There is a crime with a potential, serious, or ongoing threat to the campus community.

(Note: NOT imminent or immediate)

If so, do the following as soon as pertinent information (within 2 days) is available:

Email the College community using community-l.

Post message to the Campus Safety website.

Provide the information to media services for consideration of distribution through other means.

Common Examples: Murder & nonnegligent manslaughter, negligent manslaughter, sex offenses, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, arson, hate crimes.

The College community will benefit from this information being shared and doing so won’t interfere with a law enforcement investigation.

Consider doing any of the following, scalable to the details of the specific incident.

Email specific groups, such as: the entire community (community-l), faculty and staff (employee-l), students (student-l), cabinet, etc.

Post message to the Campus Safety website.

Print and place posters in residence halls, locker rooms, etc.

Common Examples: Thefts and burglaries with a common theme (all from one building, or one type of space, from spaces that are left open, etc.).  Off campus incidents that may affect Gustavus students.

Timely Warning – Fondling

3 months ago

TO: The Gustavus Community
FROM: Campus Safety
SUBJECT: Timely Warning — Fondling
DATE: October 31, 2017

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, Campus Safety took a report of a sexual assault fondling that occurred in a Campus residence hall. A female student reported that as she returned to her room after the Dive Dance, a group of males were standing near the entrance to the building. As she approached the building, one of the males reached out and touched her breast. The female was able to leave the area without further unwanted contact.

The female and a friend indicated they witnessed the same group of males making inappropriate gestures toward and contact dancing with random individuals at the Dive Dance.

On Sunday, October 29, 2017, Campus Safety received a second report of a sexual assault fondling. A female reported being approached by a male person who proceeded to “grind” on her and fondle her inappropriately and without her consent at the Dive Dance. The female had a friend present who was able to successfully get the alleged male off of the female and assisted the female in leaving the area.

While it is unknown at this time if the two incidents involve the same alleged male, the information does indicate that both situations involve unwanted touching at the Dive Dance that began on Friday, October 27, 2017.

Since the initial reports, Campus Safety has received some additional information regarding the possible identity of the alleged individuals involved. Anyone with information regarding either incident or similar incidents is encouraged to report the information to Campus Safety.

Both incidents have also been referred to the Title IX Coordinator.

Campus Safety Advisory Update

4 months ago

TO: The Gustavus Community
FROM: Campus Safety
SUBJECT: Campus Safety Advisory Update
DATE: October 11, 2017

Shortly after yesterday’s campus safety advisory message regarding the posting put on the “Gustie’s Group Story” on the evening of October 9, 2017, the individual who posted the message came to the Campus Safety Office and was identified.

The individual explained there was no harm or threat meant by the posting. The posting was meant as a satirical response to a previous post. 

Campus Safety would like to thank those that reported the post and to the individual that came forward to take responsibility. It takes a community to protect a community!