Norelius Hall


  • History: Opened in 1967. You might hear it referred to as "Co-Ed" since it was the first residence hall at Gustavus to house both men and women.
  • Occupancy: 372 first-year students.
  • Hall amenities: Section-style layout - 22 residents and one Collegiate Fellow around a common lounge space; large lounge with fireplace and conversation area, an in-hall computer lab, and two large study areas, large TV lounge. 
  • Room amenities: Desk, desk chair, bed (mattress & frame), and closet space is provided for each resident. Beds (wooden bed frames) can be bunked. Lofting a bed requires a rental from

Room & Floor Plans

NRL room

Note: Please disregard references in floor plans to 'built in shelving'. Norelius Hall has free-standing wardrobes as shown in the above photo. We are sorry, we are not able to provide exact dimensions due to variations and furniture replacements that occur over the summer. With rare exceptions, beds are sized Twin XL.

Room Dimensions Room Dimensions Room Dimensions Room Dimensions Room Dimensions
101A 201A 301A 401A  
102A 202A 302A 402A  
103A 203A 303A 403A  
104A 204A 304A 404A  
105A 205A 305A 405A  
106A 206A 306A 406A  
107A 207A 307A 407A  
108A 208A 308A 408A  
109A 209A 309A 409A  
110A 210A 310A 410A  
111A 211A 311A 411A  
112A 212A 312A 412A  
101C 201C 301C 401C 501C
102C 202C 302C 402C 502C
103C 203C 303C 403C 503C
104C 204C 304C 404C 504C
105C 205C 305C 405C 505C
106C 206C 306C 406C 506C
107C 207C 307C 407C 507C
108C 208C 308C 408C 508C
109C 209C 309C 409C 509C
110C 210C 310C 410C 510C
111C 211C 311C 411C 511C
112C 212C 312C 412C 512C
  201E 301E 401E 501E
  202E 302E 402E 502E
  203E 303E 403E 503E
  204E 304E 404E 504E
  205E 305E 405E 505E
  206E 306E 406E 506E
  207E 307E 407E 507E
  208E 308E 408E 508E
  209E 309E 409E 509E
  210E 310E 410E 510E
  211E 311E 411E 511E
  212E 312E 412E 512E
101H 201H 301H 401H  
102H 202H 302H 402H  
103H 203H 303H 403H  
104H 204H 304H 404H  
105H 205H 305H 405H  
106H 206H 306H 406H  
107H 207H 307H 407H  
108H 208H 308H 408H  
109H 209H 309H 409H  
110H 210H 310H 410H  
111H 211H 311H 411H  
112H 212H 312H 412H  

Norelius first-floor lobby/lounge, and the 'Pit':

Norelius Hall Lobby Photo

Norelius Hall Lobby Pit Photo