Frequently Asked Questions

Office of the Registrar

“I just have a quick question….”

What are your hours? Where are you located?

  • The Registrar’s Office is located on the upper level of the Carlson Administration Building. We are open 8:00am-4:30pm Monday through Friday unless the college is closed. (Please refer to the Holiday calendar for details.)


Can you help my child?

  • We are happy to help your child if they contact us, however please remember that students have the right to confidentiality of their records and the right to inspect them. No one, other than Gustavus staff members, including parents are allowed access to these records without the student's prior formal consent. 


Where do I find the forms I need?

Reminder - Not all forms are electronic at this time. If you do not see the form you need, please visit the Registrar’s Office for a paper copy.

How do I get permission to register for a class?

  • Students will need to contact the instructor of the course for permission if the course is listed as permission required, is a full course, or to bypass a prerequisite. If no instructor is listed, please contact the Department Chair.
  • Students may use the Permission Required Schedule Change Form or print the email giving permission and bring it to the Registrar’s Office.


Why haven’t you processed my paperwork yet?

  • The Registrar’s Office staff processes a significant amount of requests on a daily basis. Typically, paperwork is processed in the order it is received, however there is work that will take priority (Commencement, Gustie Gear Up!, registration, etc). If you are concerned, please visit the Registrar’s Office to ensure we have the proper documentation.


Does transfer credit affect my GPA?

  • No! Neither domestic nor international transfer credit counts towards your GAC GPA.


Can I transfer a course from another institution to cover an area requirement?

  • Please complete the Transfer Credit Request form found on the Registrar’s Office website for preapproval of future transfer work. If you provided an official transcript we will automatically review the credits for area requirements, however we may request more information such as a syllabus to better assess the course. If you have concerns about how your credits transferred to Gustavus please visit the Registrar’s Office. 


How do I request my transcript?

  • Please visit the Registrar’s Office website for guidelines on requesting either a paper copy or an electronic transcript. Please allow 4-5 business days for processing. If you have issues requesting an electronic transcript through Parchment, please submit a support ticket to Parchment. 


How do I find my unofficial transcript on MyGustavus?

  • Current students (and former students with access to MyGustavus) can view their unofficial transcript there. Former students without access to MyGustavus will need to follow the step above to request an official transcript.


Why can’t I register? Why can’t I request a transcript?

  • Do you have a hold? Carefully review the error message and contact the office it directs you to. (Example holds: Student Accounts, Advising, Academic Support Center, etc.) When in doubt, visit the Registrar’s Office!


Why do I need to print my instructor permission? Can’t I just show you on my phone?

  • We need a printed copy of your permission/changes to file in your record. We do not have a public printer in our building. If you complete the Permission Required Schedule Change form, you do not need to print it or visit the Registrar’s Office. 


Why isn’t my transfer credit/AP/IB credit showing on MyGustavus?

  • Did you have an official transcript or score report sent to us? If you did, we process them in the order they were received. If you are concerned, please visit our office to ensure we have the proper documentation.


Someone told me this class would count for my major/minor/area requirement. Why isn’t it showing correctly?

  • Our office may not have been informed. Have you submitted a major/minor substitution form with the appropriate signatures? Courses are continuously being evaluated by a faculty committee for area requirements. The area requirements that were designated at the time you took the course will apply to your academic record. We cannot proactively or retroactively change course information. 


I want to take a class at MSU-Mankato. How do I do that?

  • Gustavus participates in a tuition exchange program with Minnesota State University-Mankato. Eligible Gustavus students are allowed to register for certain courses at MSU-Mankato during Fall and Spring semesters without paying additional tuition to MSU-Mankato. Please visit the Registrar's Office website for more information.


Tuition free ninth semester? What’s that? Do I qualify?


Can I change my letter grade to Pass?

  • No. The exemption that was allowed during COVID is no longer an option for courses that require a letter grade. 


Will *insert issue* affect my financial aid or scholarship?