MSU-Mankato/Gustavus Intercollege Enrollment

Office of the Registrar

Gustavus participates in a tuition exchange program with Minnesota State University-Mankato. Eligible Gustavus students are allowed to register for certain courses at MSU-Mankato during Fall and Spring semesters without paying additional tuition to MSU-Mankato. 

In order to be eligible for this program students:

  • Must be in good academic standing 
    • Students on Academic Probation are not eligible.
  • Must be registered for 3.0 credits at Gustavus (unless you are in your last semester at Gustavus)
    • If credits from MSU-Mankato cause you to be enrolled in more than 4.8 credits, you may be charged an overload fee. Please consult the overload fee guidelines from the Academic Catalog.
    • Students may not register for more than 5.8 credits in one semester (Gustavus + MSU-Mankato courses)
  • Can only enroll in courses at MSU-Mankato that are not offered at Gustavus
  • Must earn a grade of C- or better in order for the course to transfer to Gustavus
  • Must not be in their first semester at Gustavus

MSU-Mankato allows only a limited number of students to participate in this program. Completing this application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Do not consider yourself accepted and enrolled in the course until you have received confirmation from MSU-Mankato and the Gustavus Registrar’s Office.

Steps to complete to application:

  1. Visit the MSU-Mankato registration page and identify the course you are interested in.
  2. Complete the application. You will need to provide your advisor’s email address so they can provide their approval. (ROTC/MSL students do not need advisor approval.)
  3. After Gustavus course registration, the GAC Registrar's Office will verify your eligibility and submit your application to MSU-Mankato. Do not expect to be contacted until AFTER Gustavus and MSU-Mankato registration.
  4. If you are accepted, the MSU-Mankato Registrar's Office will email confirmation of your enrollment. You will be enrolled for a placeholder course at Gustavus, so that your Gustavus credit level accurately reflects your total enrollment.


You will be under the same expectations as the MSU-Mankato students in your course. You will be required to attend class for the length of the semester. (Example: MSU-Mankato’s Spring term begins in January. You will be expected to attend class in January, even though Gustavus is on J-term.) You will be required to use your MSU-Mankato email address to communicate with your MSU-Mankato faculty. You may be required to use D2L (MSU-Mankato’s version of Moodle). If you have technical difficulties in your MSU-Mankato course(s), their  tech services is available to help you.

If you are an Education major and succesfully complete a course through this program you will need to request a transcript from MSU-Mankato when you apply for your teaching license.