Sarah ArriazaStaff

Senior Admission Counselor and Jussi Bjorling Music Scholarship Liaison in Admission

Minnesota Territory: Southwestern counties, Southern Hennepin County

National Territory: Iowa

After several fulfilling years as a Spanish teacher, Sarah felt a calling to broaden her impact on students' lives. This realization led her to transition into the role of an admission counselor, where she could combine her deep understanding of education with a desire to guide students through the intricate process of college admissions.  Her background as a language teacher equips her with a profound understanding of the challenges students face in navigating the complexities of college applications. She uses her language skills to connect with a diverse range of students and families, creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her two spaniels, Maple and Scout, as well as with her husband Steven.  She is an avid reader, baker, and painter.


Bachelors in Spanish K-12 Education from Minnesota State University, Mankato; Masters of Arts in Education from University of Nebraska, Kearney