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Assistant Professor in Education

Dr. Romina Peña-Pincheira’s teaching experience expands from elementary to higher education transnationally. In Chile, her home, Romina was a TEFL teacher. As a teacher educator, Romina is committed to preparing teachers who address their teaching in reflective, critical, and transformational ways. At Michigan State University, Romina taught and mentored pre-service teachers across content areas on teaching diverse communities, social foundations in education, and politics of equity, diversity, and social justice. Romina was recently awarded the University-wide Excellence-in-Teaching Citations Award for her devoted and successful teaching and mentorship during her graduate journey at MSU. As a researcher and scholar, Romina collaborates, writes, and teaches transdisciplinarily, drawing from all available disciplinary, linguistic, and multimodal resources. Currently, her research focuses on colonial entanglements in language learning, identity, and transgenerational and everyday educational experiences. Her published and ongoing research focuses on decolonial possibilities in education and language teaching and learning experiences in the intersections of identity, memory, and sociopolitical contexts. Romina plans to continue working across disciplines, collaborating widely within and across departments, advance critical perspectives in education and content areas, and prepare teachers who actively seek to work for justice and equity in education.

Some of Dr. Romina Peña-Pincheira's latest publications include: 

Peña-Pincheira, R. (2023). A path towards transformational language teaching and a polydisciplinamorous pedagogy: An autoethnography. In I. C. Plough & W. Tamboura (Eds.), Examining a Cultures and Languages across the Curriculum Program through Autoethnographies. Routledge. 

Martínez Hinestroza, J., Peña-Pincheira, R., & Adams Corral, M. (2023). Incouple numbers and dedómetros: Listening for meaning in bilingual children’s mathematical lexical inventions. ZDM – Mathematics Education. 10.1007/s11858-023-01486-3

Peña-Pincheira, R., & Allweiss, A. (2022). Counter-pedagogies of cruelty across Abya Yala: A move with otherwise present-futurities. Special Issue: Inter-Epistemic Dialogues with Decolonial Studies from Latin America. Educational Studies Journal.

Peña-Pincheira, R., Bilbao-Nieva, M., I, Romero-Quintana, L. (2023). Bordados: A feminist collective practice of resistance and solidarity in the Chilean estallido. Toward Critical Multimodality: Theory, Research, and Practice in Transformative Educational Spaces. Edited Volume. ISBN 979-8-88730-248-5.

Peña-Pincheira, R. & De Costa, P. (2021). Language teacher agency for educational justice-oriented work: An ecological model. TESOL Journal, 12 (2), e561.

Peña-Pincheira, R. (2021). From theory to practice: A guide to critical and culturally relevant practices and dispositions for Latina/o youth education. Urban Education.

Watson, V. W. M., Johnson, L. E., Peña-Pincheira, R., Berends, J., & Chen, S. (2021). Locating a pedagogy of love: (Re)framing pedagogies of loss in popular-media narratives of African immigrant communities. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.


Ph.D. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education, Michigan State University; BA in Secondary Education in English Language and Literature, Universidad de Chile; BA in English Language, Linguistics, and Literature, Universidad de Chile.

Courses Taught

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
EDU-230 Soc Found/Stu Needs 6 2024/SP, 2023/FA, 2023/SP, and 2022/FA
EDU-398 Human Relations in Education 4 2024/SP, 2023/FA, 2023/SP, and 2022/FA
EDU-368 Avid Tutoring Practicum 2 2024/SP and 2023/FA
EDU-268 Career Orientation 2 2024/JN and 2023/JN
NDL-147 Acad Success for MLLs 1 2023/FA