Kathy Lund Dean


Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Ethics and Professor of Management in Economics and Management and Faculty Associate, Community Based & Service Learning in Community-Based Srvce and Lrng

Coming to Gustavus in 2012, I am the inaugural holder of the Board of Trustees Distinguished Chair in Leadership and Ethics, a position uniquely designed to engage external stakeholders with students, faculty, and program opportunities. In my role, I navigate four strategic focus areas:

  • Increase Gustavus’ national and international footprint through scholarship, teaching practice, research-based consulting & service, and high profile recognitions
  • Partner with Gustavus departments for relationship support & development
  • Increase and deepen opportunities for experiential learning
  • Develop Gustavus' capacity as a leader in ethics

There are lots of activities I undertake in support of this great position, from staying active in the Academy of Management and my editorial work for two experiential education journals (the Journal of Management Education and launching the new Management Teaching Review), to engaging with alumni to create study-away opportunities with Gustie alumni groups around the country, to working to create international internship opportunities for J-Term. Getting Gustavus' brand out there is the focus of many the responsibilities I accept internationally, such as with Maynooth University in Ireland each August, my Erskine Fellowship at the University of Canterbury in spring of 2015, and co-hosting the Research in Management Learning & Education wherever they occur, like Spain, Peru and for 2016, France.

As part of my editorial work, here is a video I made about best practices with respect to reviewing, created for the MSR group at the Academy. It has information about how to structure excellent manuscript reviews in any context. If you view it and find it helpful, please comment as such on YouTube!

On campus, it's been terrific to engage Gustie students in the business ethics course and to bring interesting speakers to campus, examining ethical topics in a variety of topics. We focus on behavioral ethics, meaning, how the classic typologies and ways of thinking about ethics inform real behavior in organizations. We practice generating options for ethical choices, through cases, videos, and articles about current ethical problems (unfortunately, no shortage of examples here).

Beginning in January 2016, I am serving as Faculty Associate for the Community-Based Service & Learing center, providing faculty support for community-based learning efforts around campus. For example, the CBSL center provided a workshop about how to craft CBL courses, which I co-facilitated with CBSL staff. For my own courses, I utilize service-learning and project-based learning opportunities for my students to engage with community partners in St. Peter as well as Mankato.

From a background perspective, I grew up in Chicago on the north side, attending a big public high school in Park Ridge. I found my way to Notre Dame for undergraduate studies, taking advantage of the topical blends available at liberal arts institutions. My combined major of French and Business allowed me to study what I loved while gaining practical business learning. My Masters degree from Aquinas College, staffed mainly by working managers, was a revelation to me for my managerial skill set, as I was a bank manager and a small business partner during that program. I earned my Ph.D. in organizational behavior and ethics from Saint Louis University, where again the liberal arts combination was at play: the OB degree was from the Cook School of Business while the ethics portion of the degree was facilitated within the Philosophy department. My current research projects include how ethical culture is created in organizations, how religious discrimination disputes in the workplace get resolved, and what the future of academic careers may hold.

It’s going to be a great year!

Here is my cv from October 2016.


Ph.D. Organizational Behavior and Ethics, Saint Louis University; Master of Management [M.M.], Aquinas College; B.A., French and Business double major program, University of Notre Dame [Go Irish]

Courses Taught


E/M-206 (Seattle Innovation)

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
E/M-261Organizational Behavior42016/SP, 2014/FA, 2014/SP, and 2013/SP
E/M-251Ethics in Bus & Econ32016/FA, 2015/FA, and 2014/FA
E/M-344ST:Conflict Mgmt12013/FA
E/M-365Strategic Management12012/FA