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Board of Trustees Distinguished Chair in Leadership and Ethics in Economics and Management

Now that the snow is disappearing, Minnesotans come alive!

As of January 1, my co-editor-in-chief responsibilities (along with Jeanie Forray) for the Journal of Management Education have kicked in. It's a great honor to have been elected to this position for the next 18 months. Of particular interest is a special issue coming out mid-2014 about how we should put the Carnegie report into action in management education. "Rethinking Management Education" is a real challenge to re-integrate traditional liberal learning with the need to prepare students for the business world.

The Community-Based Learning Academy in early February was amazing! Our site visits with community organizations in the Phillips Neighborhood focused conversation around "What does it mean to be a neighbor?" building relationships for years to come. As a result of that experience, one of my student community partners for this spring semester is the American Swedish Institute

Keep an eye out for the summer Quarterly, where I highlight some of the amazing community-based learning work going on around campus. Also big shout outs to Jeffrey Rathlef and Dave Newell of the CSL for the infrastructure they are building to make sure students have CBL opportunities for years to come.

Per usual I am trolling for comments on my ethics blog! I blog regularly for the Academy of Management's ETHICIST column, and my section covers topics about ethics in teaching. I would love Gustie faculty reactions!

Here is my c.v., updated in late March 2014. 


Ph.D. Organizational Behavior and Ethics, Saint Louis University; Master of Management [M.M.], Aquinas College; B.A., French and Business double major program, University of Notre Dame [Go Irish]

Courses Taught


E/M-261 (Organizational Behavior)

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
E/M-344ST:Conflict Mgmt12013/FA
E/M-261Organizational Behavior12013/SP
E/M-365Strategic Management12012/FA