Humans Experiencing InsectsNobel Conference 59 | Resources

Insects evoke a range of emotions in humans: from fear and disgust to fascination and appreciation. Insects have inspired music and the arts. Insects have helped advance and destroy civilizations. As long as there are humans, there will be insects.

Sympathy for the Devil A now-classic piece by the acclaimed science writer David Quammen, about why we should have some sympathy for the mosquito.

Why Do We Only See Dragonflies in the Summer? This National Public Radio interview with Nobel Conference speaker Dr. Jessica Ware explains why we do not always see dragonflies. This source explores what the seasonal cycle looks like for dragonflies.

Bugs and War Did you know insects have long been used as weapons of war? This History Channel piece documents the ways. Warning: some of them are horrific, and the worst may be yet to come: genetically modified insect weapons. 

Crickets and Cannibals: Unpacking the Complicated Emotion of Disgust: This half-hour podcast is an exploration of the complex human emotion of disgust; the last ten minutes or so explore the feelings of disgust that some people in some cultures have about eating crickets.