Upcoming Conferences

Nobel Conference 57 (2021)
Big Data REvolution
Tuesday, October 5 & Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Download and print the Big Data REvolution poster.

How is big data changing our lives, and what challenges and opportunities does this transformation present? In less than a generation, we’ve witnessed nearly every piece of personal, scientific, and societal data come to be stored digitally. Stored information is both an intellectual and an economic commodity; it is used by businesses, governments, academics, and entrepreneurs. The velocity with which it accumulates and the techniques for leveraging it grow at a pace that is remarkable and often intimidating. But this revolution also promises hope, as it facilitates the development of targeted treatments for disease, uncovers patterns in the cosmos, and optimizes agricultural efficiency to create sustainable food sources.

Confirmed Speakers include:
Wendy Chun, Simon Fraser University
Francesca Dominici, Harvard University
Pilar Ossorio, University of Wisconsin
Cynthia Rudin, Duke University
Rajiv Shah, The Rockefeller Foundation
Rhema Vaithianathan, Auckland University of Technology
Talithia Williams, Harvey Mudd College

Nobel Conference 58 (2022):

Mental Health Challenges for At Risk/Vulnerable Adolescents and Emerging Adults
September 28-29

Nobel Conference 59 (2023): 

October 3-4

Nobel Conference 60 (2024)

Extreme Life: from Undersea Vents to the Surface of Mars
October 1-2