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Nobel Conference 58 (2022):Mental Health (In)Equity and Young PeopleSeptember 28-29(NOTE: Wednesday and Thursday!)

Prioritizing the mental health concerns of young people has become essential amid times of global pandemic, racism, sexism, ableism, social unrest, climate change, and political upheaval. These social inequities limit our ability to promote resilience in the mental health of adolescents and young adults, especially those from marginalized communities. Young people often experience little control over their wellbeing, are affected by the decisions of parents, schools and society, and in these technology-driven times are vulnerable to the negative side effects of social media and information overload. In considering how to eradicate inequities and promote mental health, technology becomes central in how it both aids and hinders our modern existence, in the U.S. and around the world.

Nobel Conference 58 will address mental health disparities and their effects on youth, with a particular emphasis on the significance of identity, trauma and technology. 

Confirmed 2022 Speakers

Meryl Alper, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Northeastern University
Manuela Barreto, Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology, University of Exeter
Daniel Eisenberg, Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, UCLA
Joseph P. Gone, Professor of Anthropology and of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard 
Priscilla Lui, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Southern Methodist University
G. Nic Rider, Assistant Professor, Program in Human Sexuality and Coordinator, Adult Transgender Health Services Program, Program in Human Sexuality, University of Minnesota
Brendesha Tynes, Associate Professor of Education and Psychology, USC

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