Insects 101Nobel Conference 59 | Resources

What exactly are insects and why are they important? Insects have been on Earth for millions of years, yet many people do not appreciate their significance or acknowledge the impact they have on human lives. The resources below introduce you to some basics about insects–and about the people who study them.

Insect Biology and Ecology: A Primer Insect anatomy, insect reproduction, insect growth and development, insect classification and identification, and insect ecology, all from the Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. 

Why are there so many insects? This TED-Ed video explains why insects outnumber humans and shows the impacts insects have on humans. 

The Insect Effect: Insect Decline and the Future of Our Planet This article, including an informational video, from the Florida Museum of Natural History, details reasons for protecting insects and provides insight into the capabilities of insects. 

Serian Sumner This Armchair Expert Podcast features Dr. Serian Sumner, a behavioral ecologist who studies wasps. She explains the importance of wasps and describes research on wasps’ roles in the ecosystem. 

Why are Insects Important? This video from the Royal Entomological Society distinguishes among different types of insects and explains the ways they affect us in the world. 

Without Bugs, We Might All Be Dead Another take on why insects matter, this one from National Geographic. 

What is an entomologist? The Royal Entomological Society explains the research that these “insect scientists” do.