DiseaseNobel Conference 59 | Resources

While insect bites and stings are usually more inconvenient than deadly, some insects transmit debilitating diseases. Bubonic plague, malaria, Zika, Chagas, yellow fever, and encephalitis are transmitted by different insects and wreak havoc on families and communities through lost lives, workers, and earnings. Scientific research continues to seek ways to control insect populations to decrease the incidence of disease. 

Bugs vs. Super Bugs: Insects Offer Promise In Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance An article from National Public Radio explores if microorganisms found in some insects produce the antimicrobial compounds for new antibiotics.

Kill Em All This podcast from RadioLab discusses the strategies used in the fight against arboviruses such as malaria and dengue fever. 

Our Oldest, Deadliest Foe This article from Science History Institute traces the history of the mosquito and all the damage that it has done to humans and health throughout the past.