Trauma and Mental Health

Nobel Conference 58 | Resources

Trauma of all forms has been increasingly recognized as a predictor of mental health outcomes in clinical, social, and cultural settings. While thinkers have for centuries recognized the impact of our past experiences, recently there is renewed interest in the ways childhood influences our mental wellbeing. There is also a recent social pressure upon the mental health field to acknowledge and address the traumas born from cultural, identity or racial discrimination.

Beyond Trauma Podcast This podcast is narrated by a group of therapists from the Beyond Healing Center. They discuss how to facilitate conversations about trauma and guide listeners on their healing journey. 

Measuring Racism’s Psychological Impact on Asian Americans This short article outlines the ways in which racism has negative impacts on the targeted group. It discusses the recent uptick in Asian-American hate due to the ongoing pandemic. 

When We Understand Microaggression in the Broader Context of Systemic Racism, We’ll Make Some Progress This article written by Nobel Speaker Dr. Lui defines microaggressions and explains the importance of recognizing them. In understanding racial microaggression, we can better understand the impact of racial trauma. 

“The Thing Happened as He Wished”: Recovering an American Indian Cultural Psychology Indigenous People in the U.S. experience the traumas of colonization to this day. This academic article discusses the way therapy can be provided to Indigenous people without reproducing these traumas and perpetuating a colonized power structure.