Mental Health Basics

Nobel Conference 58 | Resources

Mental health awareness has grown significantly in recent decades. The term “mental health” is used far more than ever before and attempts to validate and address mental health challenges can be observed in a variety of contexts. That said, how exactly do we define mental health? The resources below provide an introduction into this vast topic. 

Mental Health Conditions This page from the National Alliance on Mental Illness defines mental illness and includes helpful links to learn more about specific conditions. 

2020 Mental Health by the Numbers This infographic provides quick insight into youth and young adult mental health statistics. 

Adolescent Mental Health The World Health Organization offers an introduction to mental health determinants, conditions, and treatments specifically for adolescents. 

Promoting Youth Mental Health Nature Portfolio provides a collection of resources that encompass the current discussions, research, treatments and more regarding youth mental health. 

Importance of Student Mental Health in Higher Education This article outlines mental health in higher education and highlights the need to improve the quality and accessibility of these resources on college campuses.

The Implications of COVID-19 for Mental Health and Substance Use This article examines the relationship between mental health concerns and the COVID-19 pandemic.