ConsultationCounseling Center

While maintaining confidentiality, counselors are available to consult with students, faculty, administrators, resident hall staff, and parents. If you are concerned about a Gustavus student (whether you are a peer, faculty to staff member, or parent of a Gustavus student), you can consult with a member of our staff to obtain support and ideas about how to handle the situation.

Note that due to our confidentiality guidelines, we cannot confirm or deny any specific student's participation in our services. Unless a student voluntarily signs a release of information form, we cannot share any information about that student or their involvement with our center. In the case that a release of information has been signed, information can only be shared with the party or parties approved on the release.

We can accept one-way information if someone (on or off campus) feels they have important information to be passed along to our staff about a specific student.