Practice Guidelines

Counseling Center

  • All students will normally be offered 12 indvidual therapy sessions per year
  • Couples counseling sessions do count toward the 12
  • Students are encouraged to participate in therapy groups, support groups, workshops, and the Let's Talk program in addition to their 12 sessions
  • Students who miss a scheduled appointment and do not reschedule within five business days, or who miss two scheduled appointments in a row are assumed to no longer be interested in services and will have counseling automatically terminated
  • There will be a fee of $25 for "no show" and "late cancel" (less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time) appointments. Students will be informed of this fee and have 5 business days to pay it at the Counseling Center before it will go automatically on to their student account. 
  • Students referred to off-campus resources will be provided with transitional services