International Students & Students Studying AbroadMental Health Resources

This page is in development. We are working to make this a page that includes a number of resources for international students at Gustavus and Gustavus students studying abroad.

International Students at Gustavus

Tips for Adjusting to a New Culture

U.S. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Exchange Programs
Information on adjusting to a new culture and working through culture shock.

Resources for students of color and materials regarding anti-racism can be found here.

Off-Campus Mental Health Counseling Referrals (For Telehealth and In-Person Counseling)

International students at Gustavus are required to purchase the Gustavus Student Health Insurance plan through UnitedHealthcare. Being on this plan (other UnitedHealthcare plans not purchased through Gustavus) qualifies students for free mental health therapy, psychiatry, and general medical care via telehealth. Follow these links (A) and (B) for further information.

Tom Allen, PhD
Dr. Tom Allen specializes in working with college-aged individuals and has experience working in international student affairs in higher education. He accepts UnitedHealthcare, which is the company that the Gustavus Student Health Insurance plan is through. Dr. Allen's office is in Mankato and he can offer services in-person or through telehealth.

A more extensive list of off-campus referral options for counseling can be found here.

Gustavus Students Studying Abroad

Mental Health and Wellness Abroad Handbook
A handbook with resources and considerations for managing mental health needs while studying abroad.

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE)
Offers links to resources for a list of international emergency phone numbers, international crisis centers, and international online chat services.

Suicide Stop International Help Center
A list of suicide emergency numbers, suicide hotlines, and online chat services across the globe.

Mental Health Counseling Abroad
Good Therapy
International Therapist Directory
Truman Group

If you think something is missing from these lists, feel free to email to share any resources you would like to see included here.