Guided Meditation & Relaxation Tools

Counseling Center

Meditation with the Counseling Center

Meditation Chair

We have a meditation char by SolTec Health. This chair uses sound, vibrations, and magnetic field stimulation tecnology to induce a meditative state when in use. For further information about how this technology works, follow this link.

You have the options of 30 minute and 60 minute sessions in the chair. To use the Meditation Chair, schedule an appointment using the Meditation Chair Calendar link. You will check in at the Counseling Center, JSU 204, and receive further instructions.


Check out our Paraliminals page. These audio tools are designed to help your nonconscious mind learn new ways of responding to common concerns college students face. Problem topics include anxiety management, relaxation, motivation, procrastination, and self-esteem.

Wednesday Sabbath Meditation

Counseling Center staff members lead mindfulness meditations during Sabbath (weekdays at 10-10:20 am) in the Bonnier Multifaith Center in Anderson Hall.

Listen to Guided Meditations by Rebecca Wing:

1. Body Scan 
2. At Ease 
3. Belly Breathing