Academic Technology Committee (ATC)


  1. To recommend, review and evaluate implementation of policy in support of GTS’s mission as it relates to academic technology.
  2. To assist GTS in the planning and implementation of academic technology initiatives.
  3. To support, in cooperation with other stakeholders, clear and regular communication between the faculty, the Provost’s Office, the Library and GTS on issues related to academic technology, including an annual report delivered to Faculty Senate.
  4. To recommend and evaluate implementation of academic technology budgeting priorities funded through the College’s budget allocations to GTS.
  5. To advise the Budget Committee on long- and short-term funding issues related to academic technology.
  6. To contribute to GTS advisory committee decision making on broad technology issues.

ATC Membership

  1. One faculty representative selected by each of the five divisions of the College. These will be nominated and elected by each division and will serve staggered three-year terms.
  2. Library chair or designee.
  3. Two students, not of the same class year, selected by the Student Senate.
  4. Voting ex officio: Provost (or designee).
  5. Voting ex officio: Associate Director of Instructional Services.
  6. The voting members will elect a committee chair.

Meeting Minutes