Making an Appointment

Stop by the Center for Academic Resources and Enhancement located in Anderson Hall, room 107, or call us at 507-933-7227.

With whom should I make an appointment?

See either Margo W. Druschel or Jane Lalim for help with: 

  • Information on academic opportunities, general education, majors/minors, course registration.
  • Reviewing progress toward graduation and determining time for career explorations, internships, study away, research, community service, portfolio development.
  • Adjustments in registrations and graduation plans due to illness or the unforeseen.
  • Academic accountability, especially for students on academic probation.
  • Mid-term grade review; discuss whether or not to withdraw from a course.
  • Communication with faculty, administrative resources, and/or parents.

See Margo W. Druschel for help with:

  • Returning to school after illness or leaves of absence.
  • Assistance in negotiating and completing incomplete courses.
  • Transfer student advising and registration.

See Jane Lalim for help with:

  • Methods for taking and reviewing class notes.
  • Time management and organization strategies; prioritizing and avoiding procrastination.
  • Test preparation, test taking strategies, and alleviating test anxiety.
  • Techniques for active reading and learning from textbooks.
  • Facilitating connections to other academic and campus resources.

See Kelly Karstad for help with:

  • Determining if you have a disability and are in need of academic accommodations.
  • Deciding what accommodations are appropriate to offset impacts of your disability.
  • Communicating with professors regarding your accommodations and individual learning needs.
  • Developing awareness of your areas of strength or challenge.
  • Learning study and time management skills.

See Corey Sandusky for help with:

  • Study skills that are specific to English language learners.
  • Improving your grammar or conversational English through private lessons or conversation game days.
  • Ideas about how to use your unique background and the gift of your bilingualism to your advantage in class.
  • Any stage of paper writing: pre-writing planning, brainstorming, outlining, structuring or final edits.
  • Understanding an assignment and what is being asked of you.
  • Getting started on an assignment when you are at a loss for how to begin.
  • Collaborative editing (in person, back and forth via e-mail, or online using google Docs)
  • Communicating with professors about adjusting time on tests, getting extensions or extra clarification.
  • Learning about the many resources Gustavus has to help you succeed.