Making an Appointment

Stop by the Academic Support Center located in Johnson Student Union, room 204, just across the hall from Linner Lounge or call us at x7027.

With whom should I make an appointment?

See Margo W. Druschel for help with: 

  • Transcript review for requirements—determine time for opportunities such as internships, study abroad, and community service.  Portfolio development.
  • Academic planning and preparation for registration sessions.
  • Suggestion of courses from other departments and experiences on and off campus to supplement a major.
  • Decision-making process for majors and possible further study or careers.
  • Pacing work to finish Incompletes.
  • Adjustments due to illness or the unforeseen, adjustments in returning to school after illness or leaves.

See Jane Lalim for help with:

  • Taking and using class notes.
  • Preparing for exams.
  • Managing your time.
  • Test taking and alleviating test anxiety.
  • Actively reading and learning from your textbooks.
  • Concentrating during study sessions.
  • Organizing and outlining papers.
  • Avoiding procrastination.
  • Organizing study groups.
  • Support for students on academic probation.

See Laurie Bickett or Kelly Hanson for help with:

  • Academic accommodations.
  • Review documentation
  • Discuss and choose reasonable accommodations
  • Fill out and file appropriate forms
  • Prepare notice of accommodations for professors
  • Gather information significant to your disability
  • Answer questions about suspected disabilities
  • Refer for testing to local resources