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Gustavus Adolphus College Democrats
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The Gustavus Adolphus College Democrats promote political discussion and involvement on campus. We create a strong connection to our elected leaders, bring a variety of political speakers to campus, and educate the Gustavus community about the political process. We seek to promote dialogue and civic engagement on campus through our activities, as well as to further refine and consider our own agenda and values.
Constitution of the Gustavus Adolphus College Democrats Article I. Preamble Section 1.01 We are the Gustavus College Democrats, and we are here to promote political discussion and provide an opportunity for Gustavus students to be involved in the political process. All are welcome to join and participate in the Gustavus College Democrats. The Gustavus College Democrats pledge our support to the Democratic Party, its candidates, and its philosophy. Furthermore, we pledge our support to political dialogue and open consideration of all viewpoints. As long as all discussions keep the precept of civility in mind and are conducted with good intentions, all are welcome, regardless of religion, sex, race, sexual orientation, physical handicap, socio-economic status, ethnicity or nationality. Article II. Executive Board Section 2.01 It is the duty of the Executive Board to determine the policy and coordinate all activities of the Gustavus College Democrats. Section 2.02 The Executive board shall consist of: two Co-Chairs, Treasurer, a Secretary, and a Diversity Leadership Council Representative. Section 2.03 If an officer is delinquent in their duties, or is found by 3/5 of the Executive Board to have good cause to be removed, that officer must be charged with the reasons for removal by another member of the Executive Board. The officer facing removal then has until the next regularly scheduled meeting to prepare a defense. At the removal meeting, the charges will again be read, and the officer may present their case. Immediately following the presentations, a vote will held; if 3/5 of the Executive Board and 2/3 of the active membership vote in favor of removal, that officer will be stripped of their title. Section 2.04 If an officer position becomes available, for any reason, then the position will up for election at the next regularly scheduled meeting, to serve the remainder of the term of the vacated position. Article III. Executive Duties Section 3.01 All Executive Board members must maintain active involvement in all of the College Democrats activities. Section 3.02 Duties of the Co-Chair: (a) Be the Chief Executive Officers of the College Democrats; (b) Define the Agenda of the College Democrats during their term; (c) Act as the official representatives of the College Democrats to other groups and the media; (d) Carry out the mandates, policies, and directives of the College Democrats; (e) Preside over all meetings of the College Democrats; Section 3.04 Duties of the Treasurer: (a) Manage the Gustavus College Democrat’s bank accounts and budget; (b) Direct fund raising activities and prepare all grants. Section 3.05 Duties of the Secretary: (a) Record minutes at College Democrat events; (b) Send the minutes to all members via the College Democrats e-mail list; (c) Send reminders of College Democrat meetings and events via the College Democrats e-mail list; (d) Co-ordinate all advertising and publicity activities; (e) Notify media of all events of the College Democrats. (b) Maintain the College Democrat website:;Maintain the College Democrats e-mail lists:, Section 3.06 Duties of the DLC Representative (a) Responsible for the attendance of all DLC meetings (b) Convey necessary information from DLC to the board and/or group as appropriate (c) Coordinate all midyear/budgeting applications with DLC and the Treasurer (d) Make sure group meets all DLC standards and guidelines Article IV. Elections Section 4.01 Elections for one of the Chairs, and all other positions on the Executive Board, will be held at the last meeting of the school year. Elections for the remaining Chair, and any other open positions, will be held at the last meeting of the fall semester. Section 4.02 Candidates will be nominated at the election meeting. Section 4.03 Elections may be by secret ballot, and the votes will be counted at the Election Meeting. If a member is running for a position unopposed, then a simple “All in Favor” count may be used, in which case a majority of the active membership must approve of said person moving into said position. Section 4.04 Short election speeches are allowed, but may not exceed 3 minutes, and the Q&A period may not exceed 5 minutes. No supporting speakers will be allowed, unless the candidate is unable to attend. Article V. Special Positions and Duties Section 5.01 Campaign Director: This position is not an Executive Board position. The Campaign Director is responsible for organizing election events and contacting Residential Life to obtain permission for door-knocking. Article VI. Amending the Constitution Section 6.01 This Constitution may be amended by a 3/5 vote by the Executive Board and 2/3 of the Active Membership during a regularly scheduled meeting. Section 6.02 This Constitution may not be declared void without the approval of 3/5 of the Executive Board and a majority of the Active Membership, during a regularly scheduled meeting.
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