Edgar M. Carlson Award for Distinguished Teaching

The Office of the Provost is pleased to announce the annual Edgar M. Carlson Award for Distinguished Teaching. Established by the Board of Trustees in 1971, this award honors President Carlson for his leadership and commitment to academic excellence at Gustavus. The Carlson Award is given each year to a faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in teaching.


An honorarium of $3,000 will be presented at Commencement.


This award is open to any Gustavus faculty member. Past award winners are listed below.

Evaluation Criteria

Nominations will be reviewed for teaching excellence, impact on student learning, and commitment to undergraduate education at Gustavus Adolphus College. The following criteria may be considered in preparing a nomination:

  • An established pattern of teaching excellence at Gustavus
  • High standards that promote academic excellence
  • Innovative and effective teaching strategies
  • Mentoring and advising that inspire academic excellence
  • Efforts demonstrating a commitment to improving teaching and learning

Nominations should include examples and details to support the nomination. These details might illustrate:

  • Success in generating enthusiasm, insight, and thought in classrooms, studios, and laboratories
  • Practices that show the faculty member to be creative, stimulating, or responsive
  • Transformational, collaborative, supportive, or innovative teaching
  • Support for student research, scholarship, and creativity
  • Contributions to College-wide curricular efforts
  • Involvement in conversations with peers about teaching


Nominations will be accepted from administrators, faculty, students, or oneself. Re-nominations are welcome. Nominations are due annually by April 15.

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Award Nomination

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The following is a list of previous winners. Please nominate someone who has not previously received the award. (Those currently on the faculty are indicated in bold print.

Previous Edgar M. Carlson Award Winners
2023 Martin Lang Communication Studies
2022 Lauren Hecht Psychological Science
2021 Philip Bryant English
2020 Kate Knutson Political Science
2019 Margaret Bloch Qazi Biology
2018 Greg Kaster
2017 Pamela Kittelson Biology
2016 Eric Carlson History
2015 David Obermiller History
2014 Matthew Panciera Classics
2013 Rebecca Fremo English
2012 Alisa Rosenthal Political Science
2011 Barbara Zust Nursing
2010 Leila Brammer Communication Studies
2009 Rick Orpen Music
2008 Richard Leitch Political Science
2007 Claude Brew English
2006 Paul Saulnier Physics
2005 Robert Gardner Theatre and Dance
2004 Lisa Heldke Philosophy
2003 Cindy Johnson Biology
2002 Max Hailperin Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics
2001 Gretchen Hofmeister Chemistry
2000 Eric Eliason English
1999 Douglas Nimmo Music
1998 Florence Amamoto English
1997 Mark Johnson Geology
1996 Christopher Gilbert Political Science
1995 Ann Brady English
1994 Thomas Emmert History
1993 Ronald Christenson Political Science
1992 Douglas Huff Philosophy
1991 Marleen Flory Classics
1990 William Dean Religion
1989 Linnea Wren Art and Art History
1988 John Lammert Biology
1987 Robert Moline Geography
1986 William Freiert Classics
1985 Arthur Glass Biology
1984 Luke Reinsma English
1983 Nancy Baker Health and Exercise Science
1982 Kevin Byrne History
1981 Gerhard Alexis English
1980 Michael Maione French
1979 Robert Esbjornson Religion
1978 Kyle Montague Economics and Management
1977 Arne Langsjoen Chemistry
1976 Verona Gordon Nursing
1975 James Costello Physics
1974 Jack Clark Religion
1973 John Kendall Psychology
1972 Lawrence Owen English
1971 Richard Fuller Physics