Safety and Security

President’s Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Overarching goal is to establish a campus culture that supports a safe community that is protected from all forms of discrimination, harassment, bias, and violence and one that provides support and resources for survivors, and models restorative justice for the community.

Strategy 6 – Develop comprehensive bias, discrimination, and harassment policy in alignment with appropriate student and employee codes of conduct; establish support systems for students and employees who are affected – survivor, perpetrator, and community at large.

  1. Develop a reporting process that is supported by best practices in conflict resolution and sanctioning processes; align bias, discrimination, and harassment policies with student sanctioning codes; develop employee disciplinary standards for bias, discrimination, and harassment with alignment with employee handbooks and codes.

Strategy 7 – Expansion of wellbeing/mental health support systems and resources for students and employees; develop a mental health taskforce that will establish an innovative 21st century strategy that is in alignment with healthcare best practices and leverages external existing structures that can address the growing need to provide professional services.

The areas of focus for the Blueprint for Progress are:

Teaching, Research, and Learning

Recruitment and Retention

Safety and Security

Institutional Structure and Governance