Diversity Leadership Council

The Diversity Leadership Council is a collection of 20 student organizations that advocate for on-campus diversity initiatives by keeping a unified calendar of events, sharing resources and information, and sponsoring and cosponsoring events with those organizations.

We meet Wednesdays at 5:45pm in the Board Room. If you would like to be added to a meeting agenda, please email us at dlc-exec13@gustavus.edu.

2014 Diversity Honors Award Nomination Forms

Mark Anderson Nomination Form 2014


Outstanding Event Nomination Form 2014


Outstanding Student Nomination Form 2014


Diversity Leadership Council Calendar of Events

Upcoming events
Date Event
Tomorrow 46 pm Gustie Cup Floor Hockeyhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/gustie-cup-floor-hockey/41693Lund Center Forum
79 pm Weekend Movie: Herhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/weekend-movie-her/41216Wallenberg Auditorium, Nobel Hall
TomorrowApr 26 Tomorrow at 10 pm Weekend Movie: The Lego Moviehttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/weekend-movie-the-lego-movie/41607Wallenberg Auditorium, Nobel Hall
Apr 26 35 pm Gustie Cup Capture the Flaghttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/gustie-cup-capture-the-flag/41694Linnaeus Arboretum
5:307:30 pm Weekend Movie: The Lego Moviehttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/weekend-movie-the-lego-movie-2/41608Wallenberg Auditorium, Nobel Hall
810 pm Weekend Movie: Herhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/weekend-movie-her/41217Wallenberg Auditorium, Nobel Hall
Apr 27 24 pm Weekend Movie: Herhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/weekend-movie-her/41218Wallenberg Auditorium, Nobel Hall
35 pm Gustie Cup Soccerhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/gustie-cup-soccer/41695Practice Soccer Field (if nice weather) or Lund (if raining)
Apr 28 57 pm Take Back the Nighthttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/take-back-the-night-7/41628Beck 111
78:30 pm Shelly Tochlukhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/shelly-tochluk/41177Alumni Hall
79 pm Gustavus Student Senate Meetinghttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/gustavus-student-senate-meeting-4/41624The Board Room, Jackson Campus Center
Apr 30 79 pm Zeta Chi Phi Recruitment Event (Mean Girls Movie Night)https://gustavus.edu/calendar/zeta-chi-phi-recruitment-event-mean-girls-movie-night/41711Beck 301
May 2 67:30 pm Bollywood Workshophttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/bollywood-workshop/41627Lund 224 (Aerobics Room)
810 pm Weekend Movie: American Hustlehttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/weekend-movie-american-hustle/41219Wallenberg Auditorium, Nobel Hall
May 3 9 am to 3 pm Festival of Nationshttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/festival-of-nations-3/41178Excel Center in St. Paul, Minn.
810 pm Weekend Movie: American Hustlehttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/weekend-movie-american-hustle/41220Wallenberg Auditorium, Nobel Hall
May 4 24 pm Weekend Movie: American Hustlehttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/weekend-movie-american-hustle/41221Wallenberg Auditorium, Nobel Hall
May 5 78 pm Six Appealhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/six-appeal/41690Alumni Hall
79 pm Gustavus Student Senate Meetinghttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/gustavus-student-senate-meeting-4/41625The Board Room, Jackson Campus Center
May 7 68:30 pm Paint-a-Pot with Family Threehttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/paint-a-pot-with-family-three/41641Johns Family Courtyard