Diversity Leadership Council

Finance By-Laws


Article 1: Requirements for all organizations

  1. To receive funding through DLC the organization must be officially recognized by the College.
  2. Attendance at weekly DLC meetings is mandatory for all member organizations.
  3. DLC expects all member organizations to be familiar with and follow all guidelines set forth by the Finance Office in the “Gustavus Adolphus College Accounts Payable Policies and Procedures for Student Groups.”
  4. DLC will only fund member organizations that sponsored or co-sponsored at least one event or activity their previous semester in DLC that was open and well advertised to non-members.
    1. A new member organization may only co-sponsor events for either: i) their first full semester in DLC or ii) a duration determined by the Co-Presidents, whichever comes first.
  5. All organizations requesting funding for any event must supply the following information to DLC: A brief description of the event, the date(s) and location(s) the event will take place, the intended methods of publicizing the event, the identification of any presenter, and quotes for expenses.
  6. Budgets and mid-year allocation requests must be submitted in the official forms found on the DLC website, addressing each individual expense in line-item fashion.  If budgets or mid-year allocation requests are not submitted in the proper form, the request may be rejected until the forms are corrected.
  7. When submitting a Budget Proposal or Mid-Year Allocation Request a member organization must provide the following information to be read before DLC:
    1. A short statement (approx. 100 words) outlining: i) The value of the event and goals that the organization hopes to achieve through their proposal and ii) How the event furthers the mission of DLC and the sponsoring organization.
    2. Plans on how the organization could pursue alternative sources of funding.
    3. Any member organization co-sponsoring an event must explain the relationship between the event and the organization’s stated purpose.


Article 2: Full Budget Allocation Guidelines

  1. Funding can be provided for meals or banquets that are open to the Gustavus community—Students, Faculty, Staff, and guests.
  2. Funding will not be provided for food offered at general meetings of organizations.
  3. Personal items such as apparel, personal equipment, or anything purchased for members of the organization to keep will not qualify for funding.
  4. The only funding that will be provided for movies is rights to a movie open to campus.
  5. Expenses for all organizations are divided into 4 categories: Transportation and Lodging (for students and speakers), Food (on campus only), Registration Fees, and Speaker Fees. There is a $750 funding limit for each category per event per co-sponsoring member organization.
  6. Travel expenses will be reimbursed at the standard IRS business mileage rate.
  7. DLC will not provide funding for any dues set upon an organization or its members.
  8. DLC will not fund giveaway items/prizes over $25 or items that do not deem culturally relevant to the event.


Article 3: Policies upon Receipt of Bloc Budget from Senate

  1. After a member organization has been allocated money for an event, any and all changes to the details of the event must be approved by the DLC Treasurer.


Article 4: Mid-Year Allocation Requests

  1. Requests must be emailed to the DLC Treasurer 12:00 PM Friday to be entertained at the following weekly meeting.
  2. Member organizations that have previously received money from the bloc budget will have lowered priority for subsequent requests.
  3. No requests will be approved after an event or expense has occurred.
  4. Requests cannot be made for additional funding if a funding request for the same event has previously appeared before DLC.
  5. DLC can entertain outside funding requests for events pursuant to the mission of DLC.
  6. Requests over $1,500 require a ⅔ majority vote.


Article 5: Expense Guidelines

  1. All Requests For Payment and Interdepartmental Transfers will be turned in to the folder in the D-center for approval by the Treasurer and advisor of DLC.
  2. All Requests For Payment and Interdepartmental Transfers must be turned in within 4 weeks of the event.  This includes receipts for expenses from both the event fund and the general expense fund of the organization, as well as reimbursements to the groups 9-line.
  3. After the 4 week period all funds for the event will be permanently rescinded.  Any outstanding balances become the sole responsibility of the sponsoring organization(s).
  4. All organizations sponsoring events in May will only be granted one week to turn in Requests For Payment and Interdepartmental Transfers.  All accounts must be reconciled by the end of the academic year.
  5. All charges through Gustavus offices (ie. Dining Services, Print Services, Van Rental) must be charged to the individual organization’s 9-line.  The organization will then be reimbursed through an interdepartmental transfer.
  6. All organizations are responsible for their own 9-lines and the charges to them.  Negative balances will result in the suspension of the group’s recognition.


Article 6: By-law Override

  1. DLC can override these by-laws with a ⅔ majority vote and approval of the advisor.

DLC Finance By-Laws