Institutional Structure and Governance

President’s Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Overarching Goal is to develop structures that are responsible and accountable to the implementation of this Blueprint to leverage institutional investment in establishing a culture of inclusion.

Strategy 8 – Develop institutional oversight, responsibility, and accountability of DEI & Blueprint implementation to ensure the success of implementation along with aligning institutional structures with accountability directly to the Office of the President; expand alumni engagement and representation of DEI implementation efforts.

  1. Establish PCDEI leadership team which will oversee and direct the efforts of the College outlined in this Blueprint.
  2. Integrate the efforts of the Gustavus Acts, Blueprint for Progress, and other strategic initiatives.
  3. Encourage the Gustavus Alumni Association to expand and increase alumni engagement (connectedness and giving) with specific efforts regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  4. Expand diversity representation to the Board of Trustees, Alumni Board of Directors, National Advisory Boards, and Alumni Association leadership.

Strategy 9 – Develop compliance oversight, responsibility, and accountability of Federal and State policies (i.e. Title VI, Title IX, and ADA Section 504) and eliminate conflict of interest in compliance roles; establish a universal access standard in compliance with ADA; develop a climate for Title IX compliance and alignment that honors legal obligations in accordance with a moral commitment to stifle inequities of safety for campus community from sexual misconduct including harassment, violence, and discrimination.

  1. Establish compliance officer role(s) for federal and state policies which includes Title IX, Title VI, and ADA section 504.
  2. Develop ADA Compliance Advisory Committee to assist compliance officer in universal access design and implementation efforts; review ADA policies for institutional compliance; develop an ADA implementation plan.

Strategy 10 – Campus Climate Research, Consulting and Survey—Establish an external campus climate review process to assess progress on inclusivity and institutional commitment to addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion; establish ongoing campus climate assessment committee.

The areas of focus for the Blueprint for Progress are:

Teaching, Research, and Learning

Recruitment and Retention

Safety and Security

Institutional Structure and Governance