Recruitment and Retention

President’s Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Overarching goal is to have a more diverse community of students and employees that align with Gustavus Acts Goals 1 and 3.

Strategy 3 – Develop multicultural student recruitment standards that reflect an increased focus on racially diverse students: domestic racially underrepresented (RUS) first year student population will net increase two percent each year; international recruitment will net increase one percent each year; first year recruitment in 2019-20 will be a combined 30 percent domestic RUS and international student population.

  1. Establish a multicultural recruitment coordinator who will oversee the guiding recruitment strategy for the admission office.
  2. Mandate each recruitment staff member to actively recruit targeted groups.

Strategy 4 – Establish retention and persistence coordination efforts that have comprehensive support systems for academic progress, financial viability, and cultural considerations; maintain first- to second-year retention rate above 85 percent; align domestic racially underrepresented (RUS) graduation rate with overall graduation rate; achieve overall graduation rate above 83 percent by end of academic year 2019-20.

Strategy 5 – Implement employee recruitment and hiring standards that align with supporting an ever-increasing multicultural student body; increase hiring and representation of racially diverse employees by a net three percent by the end of 2019-20; specific recruitment and hiring focus on administrator and tenure/tenure-track faculty positions.

  1. Establish a recruiting and hiring education toolkit for hiring managers
  2. Develop institutional multicultural recruitment and hiring standards that will deliver candidates that are diverse in race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and physical ability for serious consideration.

The areas of focus for the Blueprint for Progress are:

Teaching, Research, and Learning

Recruitment and Retention

Safety and Security

Institutional Structure and Governance