Gustavus Acts

Strategic Plan

Since 2015, the Gustavus community has been looking forward, dreaming big, and thinking strategically. Our overall aim has always been clear—to preserve and advance the excellence of the educational experience we offer our students. We seek to provide Gustavus students with a liberal arts education that develops global citizens.

We started with a renewed commitment to fully live out our mission, which illuminates our purpose and guides our decisions. We are all stewards of this mission—faculty, staff, administrators, students, alumni, and friends of the College. It shapes the core values that guide our institutional work: Excellence, Community, Justice, Service, and Faith.

In alignment with our mission and core values, we have identified a bold, 10-year vision to energize and focus our work. We seek to ensure the excellence of our students’ comprehensive educational experience and to prepare them fully for postgraduate success. We do this knowing that our students are entering a world of rapid technological advances, increased global connections, and a growing diversity of people and perspectives. We are excited for the challenge of preparing students to think critically and creatively for a future of change and possibility. As champions of the liberal arts, we are well positioned to push forward in new directions. Together, we strive to create an even more promising future for this great institution and for all members of the Gustavus community.

We look to the future with optimism and confidence, compelled by an ambitious goal that sparks our collective imagination and focuses our work. Here is our vision:

Gustavus equips1 students to lead purposeful lives2 and to act on the great challenges3 of our time through an innovative liberal arts4 education of recognized excellence5.

  1. Every action at Gustavus moves students toward discover of self — their beliefs, values, and relation to the world. We build capacity through experience. Students graduate equipped for life and career.
  2. Our students discern their vocation, think deeply and critically, and ignite their passions through knowledge and discovery. Our students then live on purpose and with purpose. They care.
  3. Our students are doers. They are aware of and engage with real-world concerns. They seek to understand complex societal issues, and they act on them with hope for positive change.
  4. Students learn boldly, stretching their minds in the classroom and beyond. Through active collaboration with faculty, alumni, and business leaders, their liberal arts education comes alive.
  5. We set the bar high in everything we do. And the world will notice.

To achieve this vision, we will work toward three big goals. They are succinct and clear. They are absolutely actionable. And we continue striving toward them.

Goal One Goal Two Goal Three