Goal One: Diversify and expand the Gustavus community.

Gustavus ACTS

Gustavus seeks to be a community rich in racial, ethnic, geographical, social, and economic diversity, one that encompasses a variety of identities and affinities. As an institution, we must provide a campus climate that truly welcomes and values difference.

The next five years will focus on building programs to reach and support more people so that students study in an environment that reflects the world in which they will live and work. So far, the College has developed and implemented a diversity recruitment and retention plan for students, collected baseline data on diversity among faculty and staff, and offered all employees diversity, equity, and inclusion training and development. The College has also created an organizational structure for responsibility and accountability for campus DEI efforts.

The biggest lever for diversifying and expanding the Gustavus community, though, is the ability to meet 100 percent of student financial need. The cost of a Gustavus education should not be a barrier to anyone who is able to and desires to study and graduate here, and the campus climate should welcome and value all.

Goal 1 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Angle Right Icon

  • Goal 1A KPI 1: Move the Center for Inclusive Excellence into larger space aligned with their new name and expanded programmatic needs
  • Goal 1A KPI 2: Increase the percentage of College employees participating in DEI training and development to 100%
  • Goal 1A KPI 3: Increase the percentage of students participating in DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) training and development to 100%
  • Goal 1A KPI 4: Develop and implement a plan to more closely align the percentage of employees of color across all job categories with the percentage of students of color.
  • Goal 1A KPI 5: Increase graduation rates for students of color to equal or exceed overall graduation rates.
  • Goal 1A KPI 6: Percentage of enrolled domestic students of color increases annually to match or exceed the demographics of Minnesota college age population.
  • Goal 1A KPI 7: Implement Gustavus' new interfaith strategic plan
  • Goal 1A KPI 8: Increase of .2 in Gallup Inclusiveness Index results for employees overall. Completed every other year
  • Goal 1A KPI 9: Identify and implement organizational structure for oversight responsibility and accountability for campus DEI efforts
  • Goal 1A KPI 10: (Accessibility) Promote the continued development and implementation of Gustavus Adolphus College accessibility standards.
  • Goal 1A KPI 11: (Engaging and Learning) Create diversity, equity, and inclusion learning and engagement opportunities and tool kits for students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Goal 1A KPI 12: (Bias Response Team) Create a robust Bias Response Team and disseminate education about practices and procedures across the campus community.
  • Goal 1A KPI 13: Create and implement an International Student Recruitment/Retention plan
  • Goal 1B KPI 1: Recruit at least 625 first-year students each year through 2023 (ANNUAL)
  • Goal 1B KPI 2: Retain at least 90% of students from first-year to sophomore class each year (ANNUAL)
  • Goal 1B KPI 3: Graduate at least 80% of all Gustavus students each year (ANNUAL)
  • Goal 1B KPI 4: Achieve a consistent full time enrollment of 2300 students each year through 2023 (ANNUAL)
  • Goal 1B KPI 5: In the next three years, increase the need met by 3% for incoming students

KPI Progress Timeline, 2016-2026

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