Where We Are Now

Gustavus Acts

Infographic of strategic plan 2018There’s been a lot of action around campus during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Throughout the summer and fall, hundreds of Gusties across multiple departments and disciplines weighed in on what should be the next steps in the Gustavus Acts Strategic Plan.

After the difficult task of prioritizing, we are enthusiastic about the work ahead. And—of course—our students will be the first to benefit from it. Of the seven strategies the College has chosen to prioritize for the next three years, five will serve students directly.

In the coming months, expect to hear more about how Gustavus is working to:

  • Create and maintain an inclusive and equitable campus; Identify, recruit, retain, and support cohorts of students currently underrepresented at the College.

The latest results of the College’s efforts: The President’s Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, a significant initiative spearheaded by the President’s Office tasked to make Gustavus a place that intentionally fosters an inclusive and equitable community of diverse people who are safe, included, valued, heard, and challenged in solidarity for the common good. Says President Bergman, “Our goal is to add voices and perspectives to our campus and ensure that our community reflects the world that we all live in.”

  • Meet students’ demonstrated financial need.

Of this strategy, President Bergman says, “This is also fully aligned with our strategies related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We do not want the cost of a liberal arts education to be a barrier for anyone who wants to attend Gustavus, including students from historically underrepresented groups and students from diverse economic backgrounds.” The results of the College’s latest efforts include new scholarships for students from low- and middle-income backgrounds.

  • Design, implement, evaluate, and maintain initiatives that further the curricular and co-curricular dimensions of the student experience.

The College’s latest efforts include a new research fellowship for student-faculty collaboration.

  • Integrate vocational exploration and career development and embed them into the four-year experience of every student; expand the mentoring program.

Says President Bergman, “We envision that every junior and senior will have the opportunity to work with a Gustavus alumnus or friend of the College in a mentoring relationship.” The latest results of the College’s efforts: A $25 million grant that endows a new and expanded career development program.

  • Maintain, renew, build, and develop attractive campus buildings.

The College’s latest and major effort: The Nobel Hall expansion and renovation, which is now underway.

  • Recruit, retain, and support employees of the highest caliber.

Says President Bergman, “This directly supports the good work of the members of the Gustavus community and affirms that our employees are our greatest asset.” The results of the College’s latest efforts can be found at the Work at Gustavus Facebook page.

  • Increase the engagement and giving of alumni and friends.

The results of the College’s latest efforts include a 12-hour live-stream stream broadcast from the Evelyn Young Dining Room on Give to Gustavus Day, plus some unprecedented gifts—totaling $128 million in the past seven years, and $75 million in the past twelve months. 

Gustavus is transforming from within. We have talked the talk of the Gustavus Acts Strategic Plan. Now we are walking the walk.