Goal Three: Achieve financial, institutional, and environmental sustainability.

Gustavus ACTS

It’s all about systems and structures that maximize the College’s long-term success and viability.

We’ve made great strides in strengthening our greatest resource: our people. The College has completed staff and faculty compensation analyses and developed programs for new employees and emerging leaders. We’ve increased employee engagement and satisfaction. We need to in order to recruit and retain employees of the highest caliber.

Gustavus has implemented a waste-stream process on the way to becoming a zero-waste institution and will partner with Minnesota-based Novel Energy Solutions to install a new solar array on campus that will increase by ten times the campus's current solar output. The President's Environmental Sustainability Council (PESC) is investigating other initiatives to encourage energy conservation habits by students and employees. There is impressive leadership among students around climate justice.

Goal 3 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Angle Right Icon

  • Goal 3A KPI 1: Develop plan with GTS team to replace Web Advisor after it sunsets
  • Goal 3A KPI 2: Achieve FY2020 approved budget as measured in September 2020
  • Goal 3A KPI 3: Develop Corrective Maintenance program
  • Goal 3A KPI 4: Provide the financial analysis of potential academic programs
  • Goal 3A KPI 5: Conduct an optimal enrollment exercise to right size the College
  • Goal 3A KPI 6: Develop and implement Enterprise Risk Management Plan
  • Goal 3A KPI 7: Investigate and pursue new sources of revenue and potential expense reallocations to develop a budget to fund strategic priorities
  • Goal 3A KPI 8: Develop FY22 budget timeline and complete process
  • Goal 3B KPI 1: Implement staff compensation structure Jan 2020 and over a two-year period, increase all employees under minimum to at least the entry level grade
  • Goal 3B KPI 2: Select new Benefit Broker for 2020-2023 and implement innovative plans to provide good benefit options for employees and maintain a reasonable benefit budget for the College
  • Goal 3B KPI 3: Implement monthly Gustavus Supervisory Series for employee supervisors to reach least 50% of supervisors each year
  • Goal 3B KPI 4: Redesign and implement a revised Employee Wellbeing program based on College-wide survey data and external resources
  • Goal 3B KPI 5: Review and update the College Employee Handbook to reflect current College policies and procedures to effectively facilitate the achievement of College priorities
  • Goal 3B KPI 6: Identify new Employee Engagement Survey vendor, conduct bi-annual surveys and measure results for continuous improvement
  • Goal 3B KPI 7: Redesign the Gustavus Emerging Leaders Program in FY 21 and select 20 hi-potential staff leaders to participate each year 2021-2023
  • Goal 3B KPI 8: Establish baseline for tracking BIPOC applicants for open positions on campus
  • Goal 3B KPI 9: Update and validate staff compensation salary structure model to ensure market accuracy
  • Goal 3B KPI 10: Design and implement a new performance management system for 100% of staff employees
  • Goal 3B KPI 11: Research and reimagine Employee Recognition processes to recognize our employees and retirees
  • Goal 3B KPI 12: Research system requirements for an HRIS (Human Resource Information System)
  • Goal 3C KPI 1: Raise gift income of $20 million per year (ANNUAL)
  • Goal 3C KPI 2: Raise gift income of $20 million per year (three year rolling average, CUMULATIVE)
  • Goal 3C KPI 3: Raise $10 million cash contribution to the endowment annually (ANNUAL)
  • Goal 3C KPI 4: Raise $10 million cash contribution to the endowment annually (three year rolling average, CUMULATIVE)
  • Goal 3C KPI 5: Generate new scholarship funding of $250,000 per year toward the goal of meeting full financial need for all families (ANNUAL)
  • Goal 3C KPI 6: Generate new scholarship funding of $250,000 per year toward the goal of meeting full financial need for all families (CUMULATIVE)
  • Goal 3C KPI 7: Raise $60 Million of pledges for the Lund Project
  • Goal 3C KPI 8: Develop a comprehensive donor retention program, with a baseline goal in FY2021 of 65%, increasing by 0.5% annually
  • Goal 3C KPI 9: Develop an institutional strategy and goals for Parent/Family Engagement and use that strategy to expand engagement opportunities with parents/family of current students
  • Goal 3C KPI 10: Establish baseline alumni engagement measurement metrics, incorporating emerging CASE standards and industry frameworks. Categories for measurement to include: volunteer, experiential, philanthropic, and communication
  • Goal 3D KPI 1: Redesign Gustavus website
  • Goal 3D KPI 2: Update Gustavus virtual tour
  • Goal 3D KPI 3: Grow social media channel engagement by 3-5 percent a year on institutional channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Goal 3D KPI 4: Grow livestream audience of Nobel Conference and Christmas in Christ Chapel by 3-5 percent over next three years
  • Goal 3D KPI 5: Create a virtual tour of the new Nobel Hall of Science
  • Goal 3D KPI 6: Develop a new advertising campaign to extend the Make Your Life Count brand
  • Goal 3D KPI 7: Complete Wayfinding Signage plan (phase 2, 3, and 4)
  • Goal 3D KPI 8: Develop comprehensive brand design for interior of Lund Center Renovation and Expansion
  • Goal 3D KPI 9: Develop a comprehensive institutional marketing plan for 2021-2023
  • Goal 3D KPI 10: Creation of new postcard series directed at ninth and tenth grade students to increase prospective student pool for recruiting classes of 2023 and 2024
  • Goal 3D KPI 11: Develop Marketing strategies to help Admission reach enrollment and retention goals for 2021 and 2022
  • Goal 3D KPI 12: Develop marketing strategies to help Advancement reach Show the World Campaign goals
  • Goal 3D KPI 13: Build long-term financial stability of signature events that would include ticket revenue and gifts/sponsorships
  • Goal 3E KPI 1: Plan and implement signage and wayfinding project
  • Goal 3E KPI 2: Complete Nobel Hall expansion and renovation
  • Goal 3E KPI 3: Develop five-year roof replacement plan, fund and complete first four years of that plan
  • Goal 3E KPI 4: Develop feasibility study for next major project
  • Goal 3E KPI 5: Complete Lund Center renovation/expansion.
  • Goal 3E KPI 5.a: Obtain funding for construction document design
  • Goal 3E KPI 5.b: Have construction documents developed
  • Goal 3E KPI 5.c: Conduct RFP and select Construction Company
  • Goal 3E KPI 5.d: Go out for construction bids
  • Goal 3E KPI 5.3: Complete construction
  • Goal 3F KPI 1: Work collaboratively with Marketing and Communication to redesign the Gustavus website
  • Goal 3F KPI 2: Implement a robust inventory management system
  • Goal 3F KPI 3: Develop a feature-rich and comprehensive self-help focused Technology Services website
  • Goal 3F KPI 4: Implement a system status page and establish procedures for alerting campus of critical outages
  • Goal 3F KPI 5: Clarify organizational operations, and improve transparency and customer service by implementing a policy handbook
  • Goal 3F KPI 6: Establish a procedure to evaluate and update the policy handbook on a routine basis
  • Goal 3F KPI 7: Develop a standardized annual survey instrument to gauge user satisfaction with departmental services and priorities, and use it in conjunction with other metrics to improve year-over-year performance
  • Goal 3F KPI 8: Appoint a full-time security-focused professional to oversee the maturation of the College’s information security program
  • Goal 3F KPI 9: Expand the loaner laptop program for employees and students
  • Goal 3F KPI 10: Complete the transition from WebAdvisor to Self-Service (MyGustavus)
  • Goal 3G KPI 1: Reach the President’s stated goal of reducing energy usage by 25% by 2024 and make progress on that goal by reducing the amount of electricity we purchase by 1 MW either by conservation efforts or installation of renewable energy. This will also reduce on-campus greenhouse gas emissions
  • Goal 3G KPI 2: Develop and implement an internal and external communication plan making our sustainability progress and aspirations visible (ANNUAL)
  • Goal 3G KPI 3: Create an implementation plan to move us to becoming a Zero Waste campus in three years and carry out that plan
  • Goal 3G KPI 4: Incorporate environmental sustainability into the curriculum through the General Education requirements and into the co-curriculum for students through Residence Life, orientation, the Nobel Conference, the Linnaeus Arboretum, and other programming, and for staff through training and professional development
  • Goal 3G KPI 5: Incorporate environmental sustainability into all aspects of College planning including investments of fossil fuels, fundraising for sustainability, and LEED certification for new construction/renovations.

KPI Progress Timeline, 2016-2026

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