Message from the President

Gustavus ACTS

This is the start of something big. 

At the same time, our College remains the one you know and love and support.

How is that possible? As we developed a new vision statement for the College as part of the creation of the Gustavus Acts Strategic Plan, we discovered something wonderful: Our mission, in spirit, has remained the same for more than 120 years.

In 1895, the mission read in part:

The object of the institution is to provide for men and women the opportunities of acquiring a thorough liberal education, based upon and permeated by the principles of Christianity as confessed by the Lutheran Church. 

Today, our mission—which will not change with the Gustavus Acts Strategic Plan—begins: Gustavus Adolphus College is a church-related, residential liberal arts college firmly rooted in its Swedish and Lutheran heritage. The College offers students of high aspiration and promise a liberal arts education of recognized excellence provided by faculty who embody the highest standards of teaching and scholarship.

Our mission statement describes who we are and articulates the essential purpose of the institution. Certainly we are a different college than we were in 1895, having responded many times over to the needs of our students and changes in our culture, our global economics, and our worldy understanding. And yet, we remain strikingly similar in our intentions for our students. A vision statement creates a picture of a desired future state and inspires people to live into that future. I am so very proud of our new vision and our new strategic plan. Where we’re headed during the next 10 years is a bold, exciting, transformative place for faculty, staff, students, and the world. While firmly anchored in our mission, we recognize that we will be a different and better college in the future.

We are blessed that our future is built on solid ground. In developing the Gustavus Acts Strategic Plan, our College has not forgotten who we are. We look ahead with eagerness, and we remain who we have always been...

Golden. Gusties.

—Rebecca Bergman
President, Gustavus Adolphus College