Data and Government Policy

Nobel Conference 57 | Resources

Big data has the power to change how governments operate and what policies are passed. An increase in the use of big data has allowed numerous departments to be more informed on the issues related to policy creation and outcomes they are hoping to achieve.

What All Policy Analysts Need to Know About Data Science This report from the Brookings Institution is a summary of methods used in policy analysis.

Government Economists Turn to Big Data to Track the Economy This article from the Wall Street Journal explores how big data could reshape how the economy is assessed, with implications for policy.

Five Examples of How Federal Agencies Use Big Data This article provides examples of the ways big data is being utilized at the federal level.

Data-Driven Compassion: What Haiti, Somalia and Ebola Teach Us This TEDx talk by Rockefeller Foundation president Rajiv Shah argues for more data collection, as a way to improve the world's response to crises such as natural disasters, disease and conflict.