The Womyn's Awareness Center

The Womyn's Awareness Center is a designated safe place for people to think, discuss, argue, laugh, and freely be themselves. It also serves as a resource center for feminist, reproductive rights, justice, queer, and various other issues. This year we have discussed such issues as intersectionality, reproductive rights, feminist politics, sexuality and gender identity, and healthcare options on campus. The WAC also organizes events for Reproductive Justice Week, along with organizing various activities such as speakers, workshops, dialogues, and documentary screenings throughout the year. The WAC meets every Tuesday evening at 9 PM. Contact us on Facebook, or if you have other questions feel free to email one of the members of the Executive Board.
2016-17 Executive Board:
Co-President: Jessica Green
Co-President: Ryan Ragoonanan
Secretary: Caroline Augustine
Treasurer: Aaron Miller
Risk Manager: Hannah Kerber
DLC Representative: Esrea Perez-Bill