Task Force on Stewardship

The Stewardship Task Force is charged to review the following Strategic Initiatives as stated in the College’s Strategic Plan: 5.1, 5.2, and 5.4.

The Task Force must realize that stewardship has many definitions including asking, giving, and caring for human, physical, and financial resources. To the extent possible, recommendations should reflect stewardship in its multiple dimensions.

The purpose of the review is to develop recommendations to the Board of Trustees for the College’s future advancement. The Task Force should make its recommendations without consideration of funding requirements. It should not be of concern that in some cases a Task Force recommendation may overlap with the recommendation of another Task Force.

Strategic Goal #5: Engage in responsible and ethical stewardship.

Gustavus’s Core Values mandate appropriate stewardship of our human (students, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, friends), environmental, capital, and financial resources. Minimizing the environmental impact of campus practices and decisions, responsible fiscal policies, staff and faculty development and compensation, and planning and renewal of strategic goals are all part of our stewardship responsibilities.

Strategic Initiative: Support and nurture vocational discernment of all who work at Gustavus. - Stewardship Task Force
Strategic Initiative: Increase engagement with our alumni to enable them to actively advance and engage in the mission of the College. - Stewardship Task Force
  • Tactic (e.g.) Engage current students as part of the alumni continuum to increase awareness of their future role as responsible stewards.
  • Tactic (e.g.) Establish a dynamic Class Agent model for alumni engagement.
  • Tactic (e.g.) Staff appropriately the Alumni Relations Office.
Strategic Initiative: Build the College’s endowment and other key financial resources. - Stewardship Task Force
  • Tactic (e.g.) Staff appropriately the Office of Institutional Advancement.
  • Tactic (e.g.) Initiate a plan for a series of campaigns to be carried out over the next decade.

Task Force Members

  • Chair: Trustee Paul Koch '87
  • Facilitator: Tom Young '88, Vice President for Institutional Advancement.
  • Charles Anderson
  • Gordon Braatz
  • Jared Chester '99
  • Elizabeth Danks '03
  • Sam Grace '11
  • Anna Heise Gram '93
  • Derek Hansen '94
  • Brad Hanson '76
  • Cynthia Hendricks '83
  • Mike Hvidsten
  • Bruce Johnson
  • Meghan Krause '00
  • Mariangela Maguire
  • Jim Malmquist '53
  • David Meyers '86
  • Al Molde '66
  • Dan Mollner
  • Rebecca Rasp '11
  • Barbara Simpson
  • Chris Skordahl '07
  • Phil Voight
  • Erin Holloway Wilken '02
  • Scott Winter '83
  • Jim Zils '73
  • Dan Zismer '75