Task Force on Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Task Force is charged to review the following Strategic Initiatives as stated in the College's Strategic Plan: 2.2, 2.4, and 2.6.

The Task Force should give special consideration to the concepts or definitions of community which affect their various recommendations. The meaning of community engagement underlying separate recommendations may vary and therefore needs to be clear.

The purpose of the review is to develop recommendations to the Board of Trustees for the College’s future advancement. The Task Force should make its recommendations without consideration of funding requirements. It should not be of concern that in some cases a Task Force recommendation may overlap with the recommendation of another Task Force.

Strategic Goal #2: Engage education at the intersections.

Intellectual transformation occurs when students make deep connections between disciplines, experiences, and/or cultures. When students encounter opposing perspectives, make sense of incongruent information, or wrestle with ambiguity, they are challenged as individuals and groups to employ the skills of critical thinking and to affirm the processes of civil engagement. A Gustavus education will prepare students to thrive at the intersections of cultures, disciplines, questions, and commitments.

Strategic Initiative: Enhance student engagement through the development of residential learning communities to integrate student learning beyond the classroom. - Community Engagement Task Force
Strategic Initiative: Develop and sustain a community committed to and practiced in intellectual diversity and civil discourse. - Community Engagement Task Force
Strategic Initiative: Engage with local and regional partners for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge, the strengthening of our community, and students’ civic and academic learning. - Community Engagement Task Force

Task Force Members

  • Chair: Trustee Karin Stone '83
  • Facilitator: Hank Toutain, Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Justin Anderson '11

  • Ann Komatz Basset '51
  • Al Behrends ‘77
  • John Bergstrom '82
  • Elaine Brostrom
  • Beth Butala '11
  • Roger Carlson '54
  • John Clementson
  • Molly Dueber '93
  • David Fienen
  • Barbara Fister
  • Sandi Francis
  • Edna Spaeth Granlund '50
  • Mik Gusenius '03
  • Tom Hirsch '64
  • Jan Eiffert Hoomani '62
  • John Hallberg '79
  • Michael Leek
  • Harriet Mason
  • Kelvin Miller '73
  • Dave Newell '03
  • Richard Olson '82
  • Sheila Piippo '95
  • Chris Rasmussen '88
  • Karen Bukosky Snedeker '73
  • Brett Taylor
  • Tim Tormoen
  • Sally Turrittin
  • Jon Young '77
  • Nancy Taylor Zallek '82