Task Force on Faith

The Faith Task Force is charged to review the following Strategic Initiatives as stated in the College’s Strategic Plan: 4.1, 4.2, 4.3.

The Task Force should be mindful that faith is an individual matter, and its recommendations should be sensitive to that fact. The Task Force should consider the role the College plays, as a College of the Church, in nurturing faith.

The purpose of the review is to develop recommendations to the Board of Trustees for the College’s future advancement. The Task Force should make its recommendations without consideration of funding requirements. It should not be of concern that in some cases a Task Force recommendation may overlap with the recommendation of another Task Force.

Strategic Goal #4: Engage faith to inspire understanding and lives of leadership and service.

As a Lutheran college, Gustavus has a special responsibility in the landscape of American higher education to challenge our students to examine and to develop a mature understanding of their personal lives of faith and a true sense of vocation. As a liberal arts college in the Lutheran tradition in the 21st century, Gustavus has a responsibility to develop in community members an engagement with faith traditions other than their own. As a member of the ELCA college network, Gustavus is also called to develop sustained relationships with ELCA congregations to enrich the dialogue and learning between institutions.

Strategic Initiative: Challenge all students to develop a mature understanding of Christian faith and a deeper sense of vocation and reflective practice. - Faith Task Force
Strategic Initiative: Develop and sustain an interfaith culture and habits of interfaith dialogue. - Faith Task Force
Strategic Initiative: Develop Gustavus’s relationship to regional, national, and international Lutheran congregations as centers of faith and lifelong learning and venues for learning, artistic performance, and student recruitment. - Faith Task Force

Task Force Members

  • Chair: Trustee Jon Anderson
  • Facilitator: Grady St. Dennis '92, Director of Church Relations
  • Gary Anderson '63
  • Ben Batz '12
  • Barbara Zakariasen Carlson '70
  • Brice Eichlersmith
  • Chris Enstad '96
  • Brian Fragodt '81
  • Will Freiert
  • Lisa Pearson Gilyard '85
  • Neal Hagberg '81
  • Brent Harms '82
  • Gracia Luhmann Hegener '66
  • Ben Hilding '09
  • Jillian Hiscock '05
  • Jan Jensen
  • Marlys Johnson Johnson '58
  • Sarah Johnson
  • Tim Kennedy '82
  • Sharon Stevenson Lindau '84
  • Rob Linner '74
  • Cheryl Olson Mathison '82
  • Steve Mellema '72
  • Megan Myhre '11
  • Chuck Niederriter
  • Nicky St. Dennis Odermatt '89
  • Amy Pehrson '91
  • Karen Lindau Peikert '86
  • Becky Potter '02
  • Mary Solberg
  • Jack Swanson
  • Brent Voight '00
  • Darcy Winter '81